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  1. So I think I made a thread about this situation a while back but wow. Ok so I hooked up with ex girlfriends sister at a party a couple weeks ago and we've been talking on and off ever since. Well tonight I got hammered drunk and texted her for a booty call. Oh yea and I leave for the U.S Army on Sunday so you can see why I did this lol. Well she tells me she has a "bf"...whatever I send a few drunken texts trying to convince her to have sex with me one last doesn't work lol. She says "Noooo Sryyy goodnight" I'm like whatever I dont give a shit.But if she tells Lauren...I mean "anon" lol then I could be in a weird ass situation.

    By the way I'm looking for fast responses, I'm superrr drunk and probably gonna pass out soon so I'll respong in the morning probably gonna regret everything I did tonight.

    Halp me plz?
  2. Don't sweat it. You're gone in a couple days.
  3. word. but still man. what would you do?
  4. most likely kill myself
  5. It ain't shit to worry about bro, don't sweat it at all....oh and good luck in The Army.
  6. As long as you aren't trying to get back with the chick, who gives a fuck. If you are, then you stuck bro.
  7. who gives a fuck. you were trying to get a nut in. if it worked you would be posting a thread about what a badass you are.
  8. All I have to say is when you get to ft bragg for SOPC and selection make sure if sfc sullivan is still there you don't piss him off. Also you have no idea what its going to be like unless you know someone personally who has done the Q. There's more political bullshit in sf then anywhere. Not trying to downplay sf but yea do your 5 or 6 and gtfo. Or go to CAG selection
  9. Next time you drink, hide your phone from yourself.
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    If I was close and single I'd give you a going away bang. ;)
    ( with a hooker, on me)

    Hahaha. I really do hope you get one though. Everyone deserves one last hooray!
  11. haha thanks for that :D

    but yea it's cool, im not bummed about it or anything. shit im not going to get any pussy for a few months so i guess one more day aint shit haha. the only chicks im gonna see is the old fat ladies that serve us food in the chow hall lol.
  12. lunch and booty call. fucking smart.

  13. Hahaha you just made my day mate:smoke:
  14. glad i could be of service.
  15. No booty calls from these chicks lolol

    I'd rather stick my dick in a meat grinder. yea it's that bad ha
  16. So, you'd rather have sex with a dude, basically. :)
  17. nooo I'd rather not have have sex at all lol. unless it was with someone like you :devious:
  18. 2nd the notion

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