WOW :D Great 2/3 anyways

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I got some shrooms (an 8th) I got them ganja cookies and ganja goo balls ready (the ganja goo balls are made with captain crunch serial :smoke:)

    and my homies in jail. IDK why... but he's in there. I need to get a hold of him, but tonights trip, is for him.

  2. thats tight, and that sucks. have fun
  3. have fun dude! im eating mushies in about an hour i hope. my friends bringing me hers she hasnt eaten yet and im gonna buy em off her. i got a new double bub, a carton of cigs, weed and friends comin over to jam. should be a good night.

    on tuesday im getting DMT, Molly, E, about 1/2lb of shrooms and some acid too. i cant fucking wait. oh yea, and mescaline.
  4. I got a boy that just got arrested too... had E on him too :(

    And retro... damn those are some good drugs :eek:
  5. Apparently homeboy's homie smashed up this guys truck with a crowbar for talkin shit and not standin up and fighting, and my homie got blamed for it :(

    Shrooms to be injected in 1 hour :D I'm excites these are supposed to be some INTENSE shrooms :D
  6. ???

  7. I gotta agree with KSR...

    Whaaa?! Injected?!
  8. /jealous

    Have a good week :smoke:. Smokentoke, good vibes to you man enjoy your trip.
  9. I'm sure hes just using "injection" as a substitute for consumption.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA I MEANT INGESTED, not injected! hahaha, im so high and that was a funny mistake!

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