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  1. So, yesterday I was at my friend's house and he told me his brother was getting a few Hydrocodone. I had never done pain-killers recreationally until yesterday (my friend has done it a few times and his brother has done it maybe 10).

    Well, the pills he ended up getting had 5 mg Hydrocodone and 325 mg of Acetaminophen (Watson 3202, white w/ red specks). My friend and I each took two yesterday around 9 PM and smoked 6 or 7 bowls over the course of the next 5 hours. By the time I was ready to sleep I still felt incredible, and I had an awesome night's rest.

    Today, I had 3 of my 5 pills left. I was busy all day, but I told myself I was going to finish the rest of the pills. Tonight at 11 I went to a friend's to smoke some ganj. After 2 or 3 bowls, I ate a pill and a half. 20 minutes later I felt euphoric and had an awesome body high. After 4 more bowls I decided to drive home.

    One hour ago I popped the other pill and a half. 20 minutes after finishing off my pills, I felt incredible. I just smoked a joint to myself and I can honestly say I've never felt this good, most likely resulting in this thread.

    All in all I can say that getting the 5 pills of Hydrocodone was a GREAT decision, but I won't do pain-killers again for at least 2 or 3 weeks.

    Damn. Marijuana and Hydrocodone got me feeling like a trillion dollars.

    Love you GC.
  2. I remember my first bouts with hydros.

    I loved the occasional nods with around 20 to 40 milligrams every so often.

    Until I started a 3 month binge with 80 mgs a day, CWE.

    Well. No longer do that, but I'm startin' to get deep in percocets now.

  3. ^^agreed opiates are horribly addicting and you may grow acustom to the "trillion dollar" like feeling. I really discourage habitual codone use unless you have a plan to stop, cant get any more, or just dont give a f*&^.
  4. I have a plan to stop.... eventually...

    Gotta savor these moments while you can. In a year or two you won't even feel good from 2 bags of smack!
  5. If you like hydro wait until you try oxy's!
  6. Yeah, that's what I've been hearing.

    I have a question. Taking Hydrocodone is bad for your liver primarily because of the Acetaminophen; Oxycontin has no Acetaminophen in it, so is it still bad for your liver?
  7. Hydro's are the greatest. I can't wait to try Oxycontin.
  8. I don't understand the addictive nature of painkillers. A few of my friends and myself got a bunch of Percs and a few oxys... Most of my friends got together every night and took 'em; I'd nod with 'em once every few days, but I stopped in favour of Kitty or just good ol' weed. I just didn't feel like taking it. Most of my friends continued to take 'em though... Is it a physical or mental thing in the case of painkillers? I know continued use causes some mad withdrawls... So eventually it CAN be a physical thing... I'm just babbling now. >_>
  9. Roxy's for the win!
  10. Physical and mental, both verry strong. You simply didn't do enough to get addicted.
  11. Ahh, touché. I'm not the LEAST susceptible person to addiction I know--Far from it. I NOW am pretty good at controlling my mental addictions (If I'm doing something too much/often, I know when to stop) which is why I've been so into pot, K, and MDMA. Even with smoking tobacco, I can smoke a couple packs over a week and stop for a month or two. I know I need to be reaaally careful with stuff like Opiates, though, because I'm guessing if I DO start the physical part of addiction, the mental control I envision myself as having will go to shit.

    Which is extra bad, too, since I really wanna try coke. ~.~
  12. Bang on. Your mind just doesn't wanna feel like this, at all.
  13. And so begins your love affair with opiates....
  14. hydrocodne is better imo it doesn't make me as nauseated and lasts longer.

    I still have half an OC30 and 5mg's from a 20 thats crushed up on my little tray.

    I just like cocaine more. I'll do the OC, but god the comedown is fucking hell for me for some reason.
  15. Nothin' compares to horse, though.

    I'd take that over pharms any day.
  16. Hydrocodone sucks for me. makes me itchy. Oxy doesn't make me nauseous either, weird. Whats bad about the comedown? I just cease to be high
  17. For some reason it makes me VERY nauseous, like I want to puke my bones out. I don't know if that makes sense but thats how deep to my core I'll feel nauseous.

    I love the high, its really euphoric and comfortable, but with oxy that feeling only lasts about an hour and for the next 4 or 5 hours I'll feel out of it and nauseous. Oh and IRRITABLE as hell. Smoking usually helps the irritability but I'll still feel sick.

    Not bashing opies whatsoever, just saying I can't do them very often.

    My freinds girl pukes every time she does them but keeps doing them. :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek:
  18. Well, that does suck. Maybe it's for the better though, if ya get what I mean.

    Its almost the exact opposite for me with Oxys and Hydro. Guess that really does go to show that drugs effect everyone differently
  19. Yeah I do get what you mean about that. They would be almost too tempting if they didn't have that doubled edge for me.


    Yes, they really do though.
  20. Can someone answer this?

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