Wow cost per month??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yuri-san, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. i just read a thread saying a 430 watts hps will cost 20$ a month to run....

    hot much would 2 80w fluo fixtures cost per month on 12/12?

    would it make that much of a diff on the electricity bill?

    isnt 20$ a lot?

  2. I run about a total of 400w of light, and my bill might be $10 at most higher per month, likely not even though.

    Just remember to shut off other stuff when not in use, to offset the cost. Don't leave lights and stuff, like the TV high watt stuff on.
  3. another thing, i mean you can run your hps for longer than 12hrs a day, but if youre flowering why would you run it any longer? my 400 watts took my bill up an extra 9 bucks
  4. humm okay i got scared all of a sudden thx for the info, i'm going to double my light wattage tommorow so i wanted to know how much of a diff it would make on the bill. I'd say its not even gonna show since we're going to pay more and more cuz of the weather getting pretty cold.(canadian winters cost a lot in heating and all.)

    thx guys
  5. ya i just posted the same type of question i was told by a warehouse manager that each 400watt hps bulb cost 50 cents a hour of electric so i was worried my bill would rise by 180 a month when i start flowering i really hope the estimates on here are closer to actual amount
  6. it all depends on what the rates are in your area. should be no more than $50 a month maximum.

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