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  1. Hey Everyone!

    New dude here! First off I wanna say AWESOME SIGHT! I've looked around the place, and have enjoyed most of the stuff I've seen. There are some FUNNY people here. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring some smiles to other people, like some of you all have done for me. One of my favorite things to do, is to make people laugh. ( or try to. )

    Now a little about me. I'm in my mid thirties. I live in the U.S. ( KY. to be exact )I have real long hair. I love all music. ( Some more than others. ) I play a few musical instruments. ( Guitar, bass, drums, sax. ) The only thing I can play real good though, is the radio. Man I'm good at that!
    I have 2 Rottweilers. One of them is around 11yrs old. The other is 7 months. I got the pup, when my big boy died at the age of 14. It crushed my world. I still get weepy. sniff sniff My dogs are the biggest wusses in town. The one that just died, used to go to nursing homes and hospitals with me. He loved nothing better than getting hugs and kisses form all the people. He didn't care how sick, old or ugly someone was. He was the personification of LOVE. And now the pup is fixing to follow in his footsteps.
    I love to travel. I love this world, and all the people in it. I've been to Amsterdam quite a few times. Everytime I get over to Amsterdam, I try to make a side trip to another country as well. So far, I've made it to England, Germany, Belgium, France, and a few other places as well. Before you start thinking, "Man, this dude is either rich, or one hell of a liar. " Let me tell you, NOPE, I'm not rich, and I learned my lessons as a kid about lying. How I make it to Europe almost every year is by going in the winter. I have never payed more than $600 (round trip ) for my flight over there. And in the winter, you can expect to pay A LOT less than that during the warmer months.
    When I'm not working, or trying to keep up with the pup. I spend most of my time playing video games, watching NFL football, and fighting with my woman. ( all of which is more fun when I've got some sweet smoke in my lungs. )
    And lastly, I want to say something. A lot of times I am very critical of my country. But before anyone gets the wrong idea, I want to say. I LOVE AMERICA........ It's just the people running it piss me off, most of the time.

    Oh yeah, My favorite way to smoke is with a smaller bong

    Once again, I just wanna say, AWESOME SIGHT!!
  2. Welcome to the best city on the 'Net! Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. We love to swap stories around here, and it sounds like you've had some great experiences!!

    I hope you enjoy your time at the city. :)
  3. Hi, welcome to THE City...
  4. this is the place ....

    we have been expecting you ....

    its about time...
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys! IndianaToker, Yeah I got a few pretty good stories. Like the time me and a friend thought that if we put enough air in our 3-wheeler's (precursor to the 4-wheelers you see today) tires, we could float them across a pond. Ahh, the stuff a person can think up when burnt. Needless to say, it didn't work. lol Or maybe the time me and a buddy passed out on the train in Holland, and got woke up by the ticket dude in GERMANY! We stopped in a little town to try and catch a train back, and found out that NO ONE seemed to know english. ( Especially the slurred type of english we were speaking. ) Well, the stories are for a different time. I hope I can get to share some.

    And hey DirtyDingusus, I feel like I have been welcomed by one of the Mayor McCheeses of this site. I see you everywhere here!

    Thanks again for the welcome.
  6. mayor mcchees.....roflmao.......
  7. I too am new here so to tell you Welkum would not be too "right."


    I LIKE you ALREADY. [​IMG]
  8. LOL.... Den Activist.... You've been here 50something posts longer than me. So SURE, you have every right to say what you want to me! And to tell the truth, Welkum sounds just "right"! Thanks!

    OH YEAH!!

    You seem pretty cool yourself! [​IMG]
  9. Welcome to the City, dude! You do sound rather interesting so definitely stay a while and participate in the madness we like to call home! :)
  10. WOW!! Am I dressed nice enough?? It seems like a lot of the City's royalty is coming to give me a welcome! Thanks guy's ( and gals ) sniff, sniff You all sure know how to make a guy feel all warm & tingley inside! It's good to see some of the "Forum Gods" here don't have the "better than thou" attitude. Some places you go to won't reply unless you have a ton of post's. Thanks for the welcome RMJL! You are another one of the people I seem to see everywhere. It's great to get a welcome from you. Now if you all will excuse me, I need to go weep with joy, at having found such a place. Hopefully you all don't mind me hanging out for a while.
  11. I'm sure your dog will give you a laugh :biglaugh:

    Is he still hump'n the air?
  12. Yup, He still does the Lone Ranger act. LOL But now he's been starting to hump our females head, when he gets a little amorous. lol. Then they BOTH get that look. He's thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING?!?!? WHY AM I DOING IT ?!?!?! And she has a look on her face like WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE TRYIN TO DO???? Then she'll look at us like " Get this crazy dancin dog off of me !!!" And boy let me tell you.... He sure has a single track mind. I can pick him up off of her head, and it won't even slow him down. He'll keep humpin after I pick him up. And he's still humping as he walks away. He's tried pillows and blankets, but he's still so young, that he loses his balance. It's kind of funny, He usually starts out trying to dig him a place to sleep. But as the blanket bunches up around his pee-pee place, he starts "cue the slow music" to get that "feeling" And away he goes. With the blanket or pillow, he'll get this real serious expression, that usually ends up with him toppled over and getting more aggrevated. So we have to watch him walk around humping nothing for a few more minutes. I hate to say it, but now when ever I get in the mood, I just walk that way around my lady a few times. After she quits laughing, she knows what time it is......... She gives me a pillow.
  13. LMMFAO!!!

    Dude, you are killing me here! LOL

    I just get the whole visual thing going and let me tell you..boy do I have an active imagination.... I can actually see your expression as you are teling the story and see your laugh when you do the famous, "LOL."

    It's incredible! That was great... esp the part about your wife and the I can't stop laughing.

    I had to share your original hump'n story with my usual I laughed and he didn't... I ALWAYS mess up the punchline.

    Thanks for the laughs.

    Den Activist
  14. Welcome.............I'm glad that destiny has brought you to us!!!!!!!!! I hope your trip here is an enlightening one full of stoner memories and dreams...............
  15. Thank you flowerchild420, for the welcome.

    So far my stay here in the City has been nothing less than awesome. I am finding myself reading a lot more than I am posting now. So yes, my trip has been very enlightening so far. And I'm sure the stoner memories will start soon. ( They probably already have, but you know how stoners and their memories are. lol ) Everyone here has been awesome. Like I said before, I wish I had found this place sooner, it seems like most of the people care for one another. It's awesome to see people who have probably never met face to face, show the love they do towards one another.

    Once again flowerchild420, thanks for the welcome. [​IMG]
  16. id have to say all the regular blades are pretty tight arround here

    but unless they are assholes we welcome all the newbees with open arms....

    but we can be quite the oposite when negitivity starts floting arround our little home

    people with the rong attitude dont last here

    that helps make this the family it is !

    and yes we have the best forum on the net!

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