Wow, BP is rediculous...

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  1. My last lighter ran out. Drove up to BP to get a new one since its a minute away from my house.. would normally have walked but it looked like rain. So I get there and the woman behind the counter ID'd me! I'm 26 years old! Geesh.. she thought it was stupid too. She told me to have a fun night.. I must have looked blazed already. People tell me I look the part all the time.
  2. that sucks man all the stores around my house have stoners workin there and always say somehtin about the erb when i come pick up blunts/wraps/papers and other shit
  3. Ive been buyin since i was 9.
  4. Me too KSR, except more like 12ish. From the exact same station. Must be some new thing in their computers... rediculous.
  5. I got carded and I looked at the guy and asked if he was serious.

    Because I cant just go out and start a fire with sticks
  6. They did that to me at rite-aid (be4 i was 18). I asked him since when it was illegal for a minor to buy a lighter, and he said "Uhhh... umm.. I think... uhhh... its store policy?"
  7. next time they pull that shit just pick up a lighter throw a dollar on the counter and walk out. i seriously doubt they are going to start a police investigation over a potential underage purchase of a cig lighter.

    i did the same thing a month ago when it came to a blunt. i always go to this one gas station to buy blunts and what not, the employees all know me and never card me (i'm 19 btw).

    one day a new employee was working and i asked for a dutch. she gave me the dutch but told me she had to see my id. i didn't have my wallet w/me and explained i was 19 and all the employees there know me but she wouldn't budge so i just threw the money on the counter, took the dutch and walked out. i mean, wtf is she gonna do about it?
  8. o shit thats G

    i didnt kno that you have to show ID just to buy lighters though... thats stupid
  9. I can understand getting carded for lighters.

    The one thing I can't understand getting carded for (don't want to change the subject, but it reminded me of it) buying airsoft bb's. These are yellow, PLASTIC bb's, and they carded me. The guy behind me in line laughed his ass off and asked if they carded because they were afraid I'd throw them at someone funny shit.

    But yeah, when I was 17, we went to the 7/11 that was literally 40 yards from my friends house that we always went to, and we bought a lighter, and she carded us. of course my friend was like, "What the fuck, it's a lighter?" To which I agree, no need to card for a lighter, (even though I said I canunderstand why) and then the lady said, "yeah it's the rules" So we all left, and she says in her snotty voice, "Have a good day." So my friend turns around and sarcastically says, "No... YOU have a good day!" And we left. She came outside and wrote down our license plate number and said, "Just incase there are anymore issues." WTF... this lady was a pure bitch... turns out like 9 months later, I'm working in a fast food resturant, and she comeson as our assistant manager as a favor to our GM.... so I got to know her, and she had no recollection of me, so I got to know her. Turns out she owns the 7/11, and she's a complete fucking bitch who I hated even more once I got to know her. So fucking ignorant to all aspects of life.
  10. Getting carded for lighters is pretty ridicilous.... I got carded for a lighter last year in WV, im driving a stake truck for work got my gas go in grabed a lighter and go to pay, she asks for ID I pull out an EXPIRED ID because my new one hasnt shown up in the mail yet and she wouldnt sell me the fucking lighter.... There shouldnt have been a doubt in her mind that I was at least 18 you have to be to drive the truck I was driving in addition my license was maybe 3 days expired.

    Shit like that is really stupid I ended up driving an extra 2 miles to another gas station to get one.
  11. I never get carded for lighters, but they look at me funny. But cigs or papers? They card me, look at my ID, stare at me, look at my ID... And as they ring up the stuff, a few even have said, "I know this is a fake ID."

    Because I look 14. Fun.
  12. I've been buying lighters since I was 10. Its not ilelgal in the least to sell lighters to minors.
    Thing is, I didn't need to always go to the corner store to pick them up, When we were at Target, I would grab one of those 5 packs of Bics and my mom would pay for it. It was nice.

    When I would still smoke marlboros I would walk into Shell station, and they would contantly card me. I walk into Shamrock a few months ago and picked up a whole case, they didnt give a shit. No card, just payment, transaction and a have a nice day.

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