Wow! Best day of my life!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Elem3nt, May 3, 2003.

  1. Holy shit, on thursday after i got off work i went to one of my bros. We were shootin the shit as usuall, when all of a sudden he pulls out a qp of his new stash. He told me to smell it, and i almost fell on my ass! anyways, i knew i had to buy a sack so i bought an eight of this primo bud for 20 bucks. So i asked him if he wanted to smoke a bowl he grabbed a five chung and so did i and we packed it all into 2 bowls. Man by the end of it i was fucking blown! I didnt even want to go home because i though my mom would think that i was on more than bud. hahahah i was trippin balls. What a night.....
  2. shooting shit is bad mmkay... unless you shoot some lsd.. that would be cool, haha.....


    ps - has anyone ever shot LSD?
  3. kewl! but dont shoot stuff, thats bad for you!
  4. Shootin the shit means just talkin, you know, talkin bullshit with your friends. At least thats what it means over here. Also, I heard one of the original members of Pink Floyd shot LSD and is in an insane asylum, perma-tripping. But then again, you always hear about a perma trip, and I can't verify it, so who knows? Its just a rumor (I think) that I heard somewhere.

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