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  1. Mmk,

    So about a week ago I was chilling at my neighbors house, hes younger than me. We were talking and he says, "man, I need a smoke". Knowing we are friends and all, I offer to smoke with him. Right after that hes like, "It's ok, I'm cool, I'm cool".

    I'm like, ok...

    So the next day I am out for a while, and my little sister is at home.

    I go into my room after getting back, and I check my stash and find there is a note saying "I don't want you smoking, and I'm sorry I had to burn this". I was pissed, but not too pissed. It was only a 20 sac, but some dank shit.

    So today I ask my neighbors brother if he can hook me up. He brings me what is left of MY nug :eek:.

    Now I know what happened,

    My sister gave my neighbor my weed. The neighbor boy likes my sister, and I bet she was trying to be nice. He obviously told her what my tin looked like as well.

    I have a feeling the neighbor kid is gonna get messed up tonight :devious:.

    What should I do?

    Do you think this is messed up?
  2. Smack that bitch out.(not your sister)
  3. mess him up and be like "bitch ass how dare you touch my bud!" than shoot his knee caps and make him walk! jk dont do that but do mess him up
  4. Talk to him what happened and tell him not to talk to your sister again
  5. i cant believe someone would do that, what an asshole.

    i would probably have a "talk" with him
  6. I'm guessing he mentioned smoking to find out whether you smoked for sure. Just talk to him and tell him if he ever pulls shit like that on you again, your gonna tell your sister how some embarressing shit about him. Since he is younger, he'll be more embarressed about that shit.

    Good luck w/ your problem.
  7. since all these kids are younger than you, get this shit settled out and make sure it dosent happen again. if my sister started going thru my shit i would be so mad.
  8. Stoners don't need to be violent. Just be cool and be smart.

    Threaten him, scare the shit out of him, and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Little piece of shit...
  9. Thanks guys, I will probably mess him up.

    Not right now because I am high as fuck :smoke:.

    Haha I should videotape that shit, and put it on youtube, "What not to do when craving bud".
  10. murder, the only solution:devious::devious:
  11. aye bruh why u aint even be pimpin be mackin on ha azz

    Is that an example of the language you wish for me to use? >_> :smoke:
  12. set them both straight, if hes a shit about it then mess him up. just make them get the point.
    make sure your sis knows not to mess with your stuff.
    dont bother with the "dont talk to my sister stuff" with the dude, a lot of ppl love doing what theyre told not to :hippie:
  13. You need to establish with your sister that what she did is definitely not fucking cool. GOD I would be so pissed.
  14. You all are retarded. You want marijuana legalized? You got to propagate them. Tell him your not mad, weed grows everywhere, and you can buy again, but you also need to educate him on weed. He expects you to hurt him. So Don't. Do the right thing, show him your ways, and trade them off young grasshopper.
  15. pull a lick *****
  16. your sis is trippin, going through your shit like that.

  17. That would work in theory.

    But don't be upset when your weed goes missing next week, using those principals.
  18. now, this is just my advice, but if i were you, i would nail him to a cross, and repeatedly stab him in the calves with a bic pen. then leave him there for a few days. now rinse and repeat with your sister.
  19. wtf. so the sister left he note? she burnt it..... in a joint...

    either way, yeah id threaten the kid, tell him its just like stealing money or what ever (well.. only if i was sure he took my weed... and it was my weed) then tell him not to talk to your sis or he will get it, because why not. she stole your shit for him. And then i dont have any sisters but if a brother of mine did that id beat his ass... idk what you do with sisters....
  20. Haha, I beat the kid up in front of some of his 'Girls'. I think he learned his lesson.

    I am nicer to my sis, she went through a lot. Shes in AA, she started drinking when she was 13.

    I still don't think he got enough, I'll be sure to walk by him a few times with a baseball bat, HAHAHA.

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