Wow, and I'm the one that needs REHAB?

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  1. Sup Blades.

    So, I know this might not seem like a huge shocker to some of you, as some of you smoke cigarettes and know this first hand, but I've never smoked cigarettes. I've smoked hookah here & there, and some blunts.

    I was just curiously looking at the withdrawal symptoms of cigarettes. My whole family smokes, including my dad, mom, and older siblings (im the youngest). I know how hard it has been for all of them to try quit, seeing as none of them have done it yet, and they've been saying the same shit for years and years.

    So, after researching the actual symptoms, I just kind of couldn't believe that my mom wanted to send me to REHAB after a month of finding out I smoked marijuana... Only when I said "well what am I doing that is so abnormal in my life because of marijuana?" did she back off.

    I've been smoking HEAVILY every single day for 6 months since my last tolerance break, and after 8 days of no weed (still have 3 more days until I end this break), I've been feeling fine. Maybe a little loss of apetite in the beginning, but not a huge deal at all, my apetite was good within 2 days.

    The second I tried to throw a packet of cigarettes away from my mom, she threw herself to the ground like an infant and started BITING MY HAND with the fucking cigarette packet so she could have it back!! I WAS LIKE WTF!!!!!


    Physical Symptoms.

    • Tingling in the hands and feet
    • Sweating
    • Intestinal disorders (cramps, nausea)
    • Headache
    • Cold symptoms as the lungs begin to clear (sore throats, coughing, and other signs of colds and respiratory problem)

    Mental and Emotional Symptoms.

    • Feelings of being an infant: temper tantrums, intense needs, feelings of dependency, a state of near paralysis.
    • Insomnia
    • Mental confusion
    • Vagueness
    • Irritability
    • Anxiety
    • Depression is common in the short and long term. In the short term it may mimic the feelings of grief felt when a loved one is lost. As foolish as it sounds, a smoker should plan on a period of actual mourning in order to get
    through the early withdrawal depression.​

    Well fuck that... And my mom tried placing all those symptoms on ME... Wonder where she got that from....
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    Cigarettes are legal and don't cause psychoactive or psychological affects when you smoke them. You can smoke cigarettes in rehab so I'm not sure how much good putting her in rehab would do.

    Besides you would be pissed too if she threw something of yours in the garbage that you're allowed to have.
  3. ^ that totally depends on the rehab center too. I know of a rehab center that doesn't allow any kind of drugs, including nicotine and caffeine.
  4. Sounds like ur mum has got the gateway complex. She thinks by you smoking weed you are going to turn to much harder drugs eventually so she wants to stop u early on.

    it's a shame when people have those conceptions of weed but fail to notice their own much more harmful addictions such as tobacco or alcohol simply because it's socially accepted everywhere in the world.

  5. I stand mistaken.
  6. Yeah I heard places are starting to not allow nicotine but damn caffeine.
  7. While I was in rehab they encouraged people to continue their nicotine use. They said that "don't be too hard on yourself, you're already quitting one drug. Worry about nicotine later on." And most people in rehab have mental health issues and supposedly nicotine helps with some mental health issues. Besides rehab is boring as fuck and cigarettes were one of the only things that helped pass the time lol, I've never heard of anybody going to rehab for nicotine.
  8. OK I'm not actually suggesting my mom go to rehab...

    But I'm just saying... I hardly drink, I've never smoked a cigarette, never tried any drug other than marijuana (and obviously still smoke it).

    Yet my mom is an alcoholic, and I can see it happening to my sister because she has had stomach ulcers due to alcohol, has been hospitalised due to alcohol, and can't party unless she drinks alcohol. My mom does coke, but she doesn't know I know.

    I guess it just pisses me off she thinks she has the right to say that shit to me, when she's probably just doing that to hide her habit even more and project it on me as if I'm the huge addicted monster
  9. Her alcoholism and cocaine use are more legitimate concerns for why she should be in rehab.

    Maybe she's just trying to look out for you...because one thing I learned in rehab is, a lot of addicts/alcoholics will look for any drug to satisfy their needs whether that be marijuana, cocaine, alcohol or anything. All the people in rehab (I wasn't even there for addiction) say that "I gotta stay away from all drugs, and that includes weed, because once I start smoking weed it leads me down the wrong path." She's just trying to look out for you man. Just be careful with other drugs it doesn't sound like you have a problem with anything at all.
  10. I know, I know. Of course she's looking out for me. I mean, I can totally see it in the perspective that she probably doesn't want me to be in her position she is in now.

    But it's not right what she does, constantly telling me that marijuana will make me schizophrenic, constantly saying it will make me severely depressed (in her own words: "you smoke it then the next day you wake up completely depressed" which in my 3 years of smoking experience that has never happened). Or she shuns me for smoking a joint and doing something productive indoors, such as working towards my business. She calls me a loser with no friends, and she'd rather me be outside drinking at bars, which I totally don't understand, because that's what my older siblings have done since they were my age and now they do pills, cocaine, and one is unemployed, the other JUST got employed. Not really great considering they are almost 30.

    But yeah, I guess my main point was that it's a little unfair on how marijuana smokers are viewed, she's very uneducated about it. For example, when I refuted her comments on weed making me depressed or schizo, I said then they wouldnt have it as a legal medicine in California, and she goes "That's not true". Lol :rolleyes:

    And please dont tell me to sit her down and educate her, I've tried lol.

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