WOW- Am i lucky or very unlucky?

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Mar 24, 2003.


Blowing my weed budget on white widow and haven't smoked in months...

  1. Switch you're gonna die. But a happy man at least.

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  2. Wow man- you got it good!!!

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  1. Right I havent smoked in months and a friend just told me he can get me some white widow (that he swears is the best shit he ever smoked). This is not all I just found about £40 lying round in my room. Putting my weed money total up to around £60 shall I blow the lot on white widow? I think yes.
  2. YES!!!!!!, get it and smoke it. white widow is some of the rareste shit that i can think me if u dont take up on this you'll me sorry later...thanks....peaces....MrSbb
  3. very lucky indeed.... im suuuure you'll have a high time
    im a little jealous!

  4. yeah white widdow is the shit
  5. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!1

    Let us know how you come out!!!!!!!
  6. Definetly man, go for it, ya know u can't say no 2 widow. N how much u gettin this shit 4 man?? cause around my area it costs £25 4 Boom stuff n Standard varys from £15- £20 for 1/8
  7. Some people have all the luck....I've only got mids (but I didn't have to pay for them...I sold someone my glass bowl for them :D)
  8. swwwwwwwwitch! you lucky boy! :) getting the goods and finding $$ to top it off! weeeeee GO SWITCHY! GO SWITCHY! :D
  9. Go with the bud mann and roll a few fat ass blunts.. :smoke::D:smoking:
  10. Lucky, Smoke it!


  11. you are definatly one lucky person, but how could you possibly be unlucky?
  12. I smoke too much see dogs attacking me fall over and a mop bucket hits me in the face. But is it real or not. I just can't tell this shit is so strong... AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGH... and well this sounds just too good to be true... I hope this is ther real deal. FUCK IT i'm gonna go for it anyways and hope for the best.

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