wow - actually found what seems like an awesome girl online

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  1. on one of those stupid dating sites. I havent talked to her much, yet - and i'm weary to write too much, because for the first time, i know this girl would like me way more if she met me in person. everything she wrote in her profile thing is spot on to what i'm interested in and what in a girl and i can tell our conversations would be great in real life - but online, i'm not too sure what to say. i've been bringing up our shared interests, etc, but the cliche "how's your weekend going," bullshit is what usually comes up, and i really don't want her to get the wrong impression. here's to hoping i handle this situation right. i always can tell right away when i'll definitely get along great with someone. met all my bestfriends through great first impressions/instincts, and even though we've had minimal communication, this is one i don't wanna screw up, because i can tell it'd be a great thing. anyways, guess thats it. any advice from people who have been in a similar situation in the strange and unexplored world of online dating?
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    Be yourself, say what you would say in person so you don't make a false impression and turn her off when you meet and be a completely different guy, show interest in her and ask her about her self, don't giver her the usual "Hey how are you" "good" "good" "k" "k" "bye".. or the bland generic shit she could get from anyone else, you need to show your personality a bit. I don't know much about this myself but if it's extremely easy to talk to her, and you could talk about anything for hours (so you think the same and stuff and have the same views) then you know when to really pursue.

    And good luck because girls on dating sites get 1000 messages a day if they're good looking. And most of them on dating sites.. are in some way.. fucked and not normal.
    And I've met a couple girls online, not on any greasy dating site, just wanted to meet someone new.. and they were all fucked in some way.. the first one like.. cut herself and her dad died in 9/11 but she was insane sexually and said she watched a lot of porn, was a virgin, and comparable to a wild animal in heat.. the next also cut herself, was raped, didn't like cuddling or touching (but I showed her haha) and was extremely unsecure and had no confidence. I'm glad I'm with the perfect woman now and got out of that.

  3. Then you better be doing that cool and amazing shit (that interests both of you) and telling her about it. That way, she may be more inclined to hang with/date you if she can see that you are doing these shared interesting things. Maybe speed up the initial meeting time, don't let your "lack of online confidence" lead the way. You know it doesn't work for you, so dont' let it drag out.

  4. :eek::eek::eek::eek: Rough, dude...
  5. Experience has always showed me that how people are on the internet, whether its how they act or say they act, is not at all what they're like in reality.

    Tread carefully bro

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