wound up takin the 2mg's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jonahm, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. wowwwww.:hello:

    2mg xanax+weed=:hippie:

    wow like i dont even know what to say right now my head ison jupiter

    its like i have a balloon head and ts floated really high. shit.

    man i hope i remember this tomorrow


    i feel like im writing this thread with like terribla grammar andlke shit.

    i cannot figure this damn thingout.

    thanks to all on grasscity tat heleped me with my dosage and shit.

  2. shit i just might head downtown and grab me one

  3. highly suggest.
  4. haha ahh benzos enjoy tonight because you will not remember it tomorrow..trademark symptom of benzos. its actually pretty useful as i dont remember any of my operation and it made the 45 minutes seems like just a few moments had passed...modern medicine, truely amazing..
  5. Oh hey, I knew I was forgetting something today.

    *pops a bar*

  6. Ohhh..... I wish
  7. damn, there must be something wrong with me. I took 2 mg of xanax the other night and didn't feel nearly what i expected. I deffinitely felt it, but i remember everything that happened that night, and really only felt liek i was a bit drunk. Could it be because i actually have anxiety or something? I dunno, all i know is i was very dissappointed. they were legit, cuz my friend passed out from em, but i jus chilled out, smoked a blunt, watched a movie, and then ate a cheeseburger and 4 pc. nugget from mcdonalds... see, i remember everything lol. Damn, i wish i enjoyed it as much as everyone else seems to
  8. You probably won't remember this thread tomorrow :p
  9. Well, 2mg to a non-experienced user will be a good bit. But I can do 4mg and be pretty straight. It's all about tolerance.

    Glad your enjoying it man, tomorrow will suck balls. Taking a bunch of benzos and then going to sleep sucks. I hate that next-day drowsy feeling you get when you take a bunch. Well, maybe it won't effect you as much, but whatev.
  10. i've taking 2mg of ativan (lorazepam) and blazed, really calms down your nerves, a cop could be on your ass and you wouldn't flinch
  11. gotta love that stuff, gotta love being belligerant

    makes you feel like you can say anything to anyone :)
  12. that aint always a good thing.:devious:
  13. ive done some fucked up shit on xanny.

    last time i popped a bar and had A beer i woke up with $600 in stolen shit. apperently i called my buddy to drive me to the mall and just started stealing shit. i mean granted i wound up with a nice pair of oakleys, new sandles, and a bunch of other shit, but normally, i NEVER steal.

    well obv i didnt get caught, and if i did, and there was a police report, i dont remeber at all.
  14. lol that's the kind of shit i'd expect me to do on xanex.

    i dont really do pills but i did half a valium one time just for shits and i remember being super courageous... like i wanted to go steal shit from my buddies neighbor lol... never did but i remember wanting to haha

    idk, that was over a year ago tho haha
  15. damn right...drinking on xanax always makes for a crazy fucking night that you will not remember..ive had some wild times on liquor and benzos man.
  16. indeed. alcohol + benzos.

    o shit. when you meet someone for what you think is the first time and they start rambling about the good times you had last night.:D.
  17. haha well guys, i dont remember much from last night, i do remember typing a thread about it, didnt remember what it said.

    fuck like now i dont think they were that great cause i dont even remember the feeling, but damn i thought they were amazing when i was on them.

    will prolly dose again in a week or two.

  18. There is a level where you can still feel great and not forget everything, you just have to find where that amount is for you.

    Granted, if you really want the completely shitfaced feeling, you're not going to remember shit. But it's all down to preference. :smoke:
  19. Lucky to get those bars. Only benzos I have and can get are 10mg valium, and all they do to me is make me slightly calm.. Don't feel floaty or euphoric. They help a lot with my extreme anxiety though. Good to take them before I hit a party or something where people are just gonna be smoking a lot of bud.
  20. i was thinking the exact same thing, ill probably try 1mg next time

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