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  1. Hello everyone, let me say first off I am an FNG here and with growing and have a lot to learn.. Im looking for feedback, I am sure i could use some

    I found a seed one day, a seed is rare for me let alone one that survived.
    Took that seed dropped it into some yard dirt and set it in the window and it grew.
    I quickly sacrificed an aqaurium light in a box and went to 18-6 after reading a little stuff on the internet.
    I kept living so i made a decision to buy a 300 mars led and replace the flo light. The plant took off and i worried about hieght so i found defoilation at about 10 inches tall:/
    It slowed down of course (although the node spacing is tight) After surviving my ignorance again..
    i began reading a lot living in the grow room forums for a couple months before joining up a week or so ago.
    Realizing i needed to understand that effort given would directly impact my plants performance i got busy trying.
    Soil was first i got a bag Dr Earth organic FF was second choice, i ammended it with 1 cup of organic bone meal 1 cup organic blood meal, 5 cups organic of vermeculite,10 cups worm casting, 10 cups of geolite.
    It liked that a lot after transplant as well even though i broke up and removed some of the rootball to loosen it up.
    I only water with distilled water now and rarely mist, my local is about 7.4 ph I only water when it feels dry about an inch below the surface, soil is very loose perhaps to much so we shall see
    I then made the final commitment to acquire all the components i felt would meet my growing enviroment needs.
    I added :
    16x30x52 former entertainment center i built 15 years ago pulled 3 shelves to make a door, painted inside flat white, used another shelf to add nursery that can be adjusted or removed for an additional 16-20inches of hight.
    150 hps
    4 120mm pc fans 60 cfm rated

    At this set up all lights on:
    roughly 20k plus lumans Par ?
    Door open 73-75 deg 38% humidity
    Door closed 75-79 deg 40%
    Lights off 64-68 deg all buttoned up
    I leave the door mostly closed just a crack when lights are on generally.
    I made my first attempt to clone this plant with 2 cuttings in rootech and rapid rooter cubes. Why not fail on an unkown before cutting a known quantity.
    The plant was flipped today 4/20 to 12-12

    I have started a couple fems on 4-19 from the vault a freebie (Special Kush #1) and (Anesthesia) Based on the growing skill/style/pattern life cycle listed for the plant.
    Blue Mystic was the plan but it will wait till the third run if all goes well.

    I hope i got this setup close enough to be effective the goal is to learn into a perpetual in the next year perhaps a 2 to 3 plant rotation
  2. Hello everyone, looking for an extra set of eyes and to update.

    I think the miracle seed is a girl?

    Last pic is of the plant 1 week into flower a lot of new growth Perhaps.jpg 20160427_182151.jpg 4-27.jpg
  3. She is beautiful thanks for asking and on day 30 of flower. She is happy I'm guessing another 3 or 4 weeks till harvest

    1463940738046.jpg 1463940745517.jpg

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  4. No need to flush,
    My only ammendments to the Dr Earth Homegrown soil are blood meal, bone meal,vermeculite,worm castings, geolite and langbeinite at week 2 of flower.

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