wouldn't it suck

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KB_124, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. To sharpen scissors all day? I mean, it would get so boring and repetitive. does anyone sharpen scissors all day?
  2. they probably wouldnt let me
  3. sharpening sucks man i cant do it for more than a minute
  4. How about...

    - cleaning up other peoples shit all day
    - sorting garbage at a recycling centre
    - cleansing fish at a fish processing plant

    If it's repetetive it's boring. Thank beelsebub for my sweet gig :)
  5. hmmm when i was in bootcamp (for the marines) they had me cleaning dirt. that sucked. lol.

  6. and how does one go about cleaning dirt? I mean was there a time when it became actaully clean? or did they say thats good enough? that dirt's not gonna get any cleaner, sir

  7. by cleaning dirt i mean going through the dirt/sand and taking everything that wasn't dirt/sand out of it... hence... cleaning the dirt. and when i say everything... i mean EVERYTHING. all pebbles, leaves, blades of grass... whatever wasn't dirt had to go. then we had to sweep the dirt to make it look nice.

    yeah right... a drill instructor call a recruit sir?? lmao. we weren't even allowed to refer to ourselves in the first person.... say you had to take a piss, this is how you'd go about talking to the drill instructor.

    "Recruit (insert your last name here) requesting permission to speak to the Senior Drill Instructor on deck, sir"

    (the DI usually replies "GO AHEAD!")

    "Recruit (insert your last name here) requests permission to make a head call, sir"

    if they asked you a question you referred to yourself as "this recruit" ... it's insane.
  8. miltary intelligence = a contradiction in terms

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