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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. i finally purchased my cool cool camera last week (notice i finally shut up about it?) i think i even got a good deal on it.
    i spent a good day cleaning almost every program off my almost no-gig hardrive. after admiring my new toy for half a day im all set to 'git on with it...USB port?i spose they dont put one of those on a 1970's tower. KRAP now inorder to fully use...lol,ok use my new camera at ALL!! i need a new system. JoJo my favorite Bro said it took me long enuff to figure THAT out and is starting my tower as i type. he's a big show-off so im in for a good thing. im SUre he was joking about the payment tho...at least im hoping. my poor sister...lol
    SOoooo my luck!!my 200$ camera is costing 400$fora tower. cool crap
    hmm...what else
    hm another story altogether.....
    .....my husband the quitter is now smoking ciggs again after almost to 3 years...tho i must admit HE TASTES KINDA NICE!
    whats up in your neck of the woods?
  2. ahh blast the DAMN USB PORT! WE learned that lesson too, but for our dorky webcam.

    He quit smoking and he's not driving you crazy? I quit over a year ago and I was dubbed "queen bitch" for a week!

    I must admit, I still love the smell/taste of cigarettes on occasion.. ooo...

    I actually had a dream the other night that my BF was ok with me smoking again (he hates it, which is why I quit plus the whole health issue) and I smoked a cigarette and INHALED and ahhh.

    Maybe I'm about to go down that unquitting path too...

    So is your camera working yet? I got a really nice camera for Christmas, but am thinking now *dang* wish I had gotten a DIGITAL camera. Oh well, one of these days I'll get the X-mas photos developed :D :D
  3. So you two come here often?

    Technology is a bitch! I've formed a love hate relationship with it. I LOVE TO HATE IT! Unless, it behaves properly and does'nt make me spend any of my little bit of 'puter time fuckin with shit!

    4 months tomorrow without cigs! But I seem to be developing a social cigar habit. I weaken when drinking around other smokers so I grabbed some overpriced cognac dipped cigars to quell the urge. Suckers get you high. So I'm trying to get my psyche up to lay them down too! AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

    We got iced on big time last week, knocked out power all around me. Screwed up a bunch of trees to boot! So I spent the weekend on a chainsaw. Well not on it, but....ya know.
    Finishing up in time for the Super Bowl I managed to throw the ol' back out. So I'm kinda doin the Osteo shuffle right now. It's an old joke, but a true one, ya know you're gettin old when your back goes out more than you do!

    G'nite ladies.
    Hate to see you go!
    But love to watch you walk away!

    (ain't I a slug?)
  4. Wake up ladies and Smokie!

    Highya ya need to up date more often sweetie! The old puters can't handle the new software. I had to up date last year. I wished $400.00 would have paid for mine. It cost me almost $1700.

    Ya'll have a nice day, ya hear!
  5. update more often....update?....yo my momma upgraded one time an i got THIS!
    jo,jo my fav BRO is doing me a huge favour. told my butt it he build me one but since im his fav girl besides my sis that is. he's paying for the rest. ( maybe i should bring up my hydro issue with him too hehe) he says the rest of the $$ is comming outa my sister butt, um an i do think he means literally....(think i should tellher?) naw i say she does loooove suprises
    mr smokinokie, yess now and again, and again, and again, and again!
    ....congratulations 4 months is a long time i think your going to make it. um notice a nicer buzz from any other smoke?
    ganjaphish,....yes he drove me crazy :) i believe its his mission in life
  6. i too still weaken when i get more than a little buzzed, like when i get tanked which is very rare. i used to cheat by smoking vanilla-flavored cigarettes once in awhile, with no additives, but that got to be more than just a once-in-awhile thing so i threw em away before i picked up the camels again :D

    i love how you buy a computer and in less than a year it is out of date! bah i am not even trying to keep up, just stay online and do the minimal junk.

    however, the bf (whose mission it is to drive me crazy, i think all bf's plot over this!) wants to upgrade so he can play computer games. hey, isn't playstation enuff?? :)

    hope ya'all are having a great day!!! we haven't had any snow here in cali as of recent, it did snow about a week or 2 ago for a couple days but, as usual, it didn't stick.
    still, exciting to see it..
    we do get heavier-than-usual frosts lately...

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