Wouldn't Harm A Fly

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  1. So I'm here at work during my most hated part of the day, prepping pasta. As I'm doing this dreaded task, I look down at one of the alfredos and notice a fly. It can't fly out due to the thick sauce weighing it down and keeping it in place.

    I reach down an pluck the fly out by the tip of it's wings. Normally in this situation I would kill this pest, as almost anyone in my shoes would have done. I wouldn't pick it's wings off, Ive never been fond of torture for any living thing.

    Except when I was around 4 years old. But come on, I could hardly wipe my own ass properly. How was I supposed to know ripping a toad in half with a stick wasn't the kindest thing to do?

    Anyway..I'm getting off track.

    So, I had this fly in my hands. I could've easily crushed it, yet as I watched it try to escape my hold I couldn't bring myself to harm it. Afterall, what did this little fly do wrong besides land in the pasta that some obese lady is going to eat?

    I walked outside with the fly and let it go, strangely enough this fly didn't fly away like I thought. It hung around me, not the annoying bumping into your face every 2 seconds hanging around, but just chilled and wasn't afraid of me.

    Eventually it began to frantically fly around such as flies do and I went on about my day.
  2. ..........
    Cool fuckin story
  3. And then the fly died the following day because that's what they do.
  4. Yup lmao, flys live like 24 hours I think. I don't feel bad when I kill bugs.
  5. gross man a fly was all over your alfredo then you handled him and jazz
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    And you think I didn't discard what it landed on and washed my hands?
  7. I had this very same revelation awhile back and I haven't purposely killed a living thing in ages. Just seems morally bankrupt to end the consciousness of another being for little reason. Keep it up man:smoke:.
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    Thank you, someone who gets it. It doesn't matter how far stretched out it's lifespan is, it's that it lives til the end of that lifespan.
  9. Meh, double post. I feel good that I didn't harm it.
  10. You're making me feel sad for killing the ants that like to get into my bathroom.
  11. Even flies know alfredo's good. :p
    There really is no need to kill things though, theres no harm in going outside to let it go. ;)
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    I agree. Funny thing is, before this event i was in a shitty mood and nothing was going right. After that, my mood lifted and things began falling into place :)

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