wouldent of guessed walking out the door

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  1. Ok so yesterday I had a pretty chill day but wouldent of guessed walking out the front door the day before yesterday was Saturday and I had a few bottles left over from turkey day so I desides to get a bag and bring my bottle of a friend of mines because she was back from college so after I pick my bag up I start walking to my friends its about a 3 1/2 min walk so I start walking and on the way I see another childhood friend driving by and says we should chill after he gets off at around 8 so I continue walking and get to my friends house but her brother comes to the door and say she left out that morning to go back to school FUCK so I go 4 doors down to another friends house and he can't smoke a j because he was bussy DOUBLE FUCK. So I deside to go to another dealer who lives about 7 mins away to see if hell match my gram and bottle so before I get to his house I decide to smoke my last cigarette I always flip one upside down when I first open a pack and save it for last and I wanted to smoke the lucky one and hope he was home and had nothing better to do but I lost my lighter and forgot to bring matches so I ask some guys smoking in a neighborhood about 2 mins away from my dealer for a light and they say sure and ask me do I know any one that's good and I say Yea I was just heading there and I call my dealer and ask If it was kool If I bring some guys for a pick up so I hop in the car with some random dudes to go pick up from my dealer well idk where your from but its kinds set h where I'm from but any who I think nothing of it be use I was kinda high and a little tipsy when I walked put the house so we get there and he serves them and he tells me he has to go to work but when he gets off well blaze so I say well I might as well smoke with these guys and ask if they want to match they say sure and we go to the park about 5 mins away from my old high school we get there and smoke a fat ass white boy a whole gram the guy rolled and then he plays basketball with the guys that were already there and the other guy and me start grinding and rolling the rest of the tree and he fucked it up with a big ass whole on the top and in the middle so he fixes it and we smoke that one to thej the kitten moth kicks in and I have to drink I grey goose so I say fuck it and take a couple of twigs and commence to play basketball pretty baked in boat shoes lol so after a few games we deside to play football Nd after about 30 mins or so of 4 on 4 tagg football er deside to disperse so the guy called his brother back to pick him up and the other guy call his brother because he's about to roll another j and I say fuck my rides coming and he's rolling a j shit but when the guy some I ask for a ride about 5 mins away was all I needed but he gives a bull shit line about how it in a other rout all together and I'm like fuck it ill walk but not before I hit this other whit boy this other guy rolled so after er smoke him and his brother walk home about2 mins away and I take my 5min by car 20 min by foot walk home but mid way I remember my friend gets off at 8 and could give me a ride home but it was like 6:25 so I go in to 7/12 and ask him for a lift when he gets off he says sure and we talk for a while before customers some in and I split so I have about an hour and 45 mins to kill so I go to the local foodlion and grab a cart and walk around kicking out stuff I would want if I had enough cash ale by ale and I was munching on a bag of grapes the hole time and when I reached the last ale I walked back ale by ale to put everything back and walked out then I went to a Chinese car out and used the restroom to take a couple if swiggs of my grey goose then graded a menu and sat in the back and watched the last 15 mins of the patriots eagles game then walked out and bummer a cig from a guy outside of 7/11 and waited for a while and went back in the 7/12 to shoot the bull with my friend for another 5 or 6 mins until his shift was over then we left to go to another friends in the neighborhood for a while and there we talked for a bit and played battlefield for a while then left out it was about 6 houses down from mine so I walked then went home to pass out to family guy on the tv. So this was my story about a day that I didn't expect to happen when I walked out the door I just wanted to hear yours
  2. Damn I want some grapes
  3. that's fucking amazing dude. i guess sometimes a guy's gotta post an essay to express himself haha...
  4. I would've read this if you knew what paragraphs were, sooo....

  5. Longest sentence I have ever read.
  6. tried reading it, didn't see a period, stopped reading.

    paragraphs dude. they are like pit stops for the eyes
  7. Thats awesome you chilled with a whole bunch of random stoners playing sports, and then bummed around waiting for a ride home. Not gonna lie I've had too many of those days, but they were fun as fuck.
  8. uuuhhhhhhh..:hide:
  9. lol that was hard to read

    OP you seem to be a hoodrat


  10. To seem to be stupid just saying ....hood rats a general term for females from bad neighborhoods or the "getto". I'm a guy by the way but thanks for the pointless post you input was appreciated .
  11. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs or periods all together but I'm resalty Hung over and wanted to post everything before I forgot and everything got all distorted thanks for baring with me
  12. Wall of text = unreadable
  13. Holy fuck, I tried my best, got about 1/2 way through my retinas started meltin' down.
  14. [quote name='"soks"'] we smoke that one to thej the kitten moth kicks in and I have to drink I grey goose so I say fuck it and take a couple of twigs[/quote]

    like... what?

    seems you musta been pretty anxious to get this posted hahaha. sounds like a good time! although some dealers aren't cool with some cutty bringing up random heads
  15. Dyslexia sucks. :(

  16. I know auto correct dosent help when your on your phone to lol
  17. i read it all!!!!! dude this was cool as hell is 7/11 and 7/12 different stores or am i just CRAZY!!!

  18. Sorry bro blame it on the hangover lol you know what I meant
  19. I read the whole thing, cool day but a period/paragraph would help.
  20. I attempted to read that. Attempted.

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