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  1. Ok so my sisters friend is over and she wants my dick bad. lol. The only thing is shes ugly and fat. Would anyone do something qith a girl thats ugly and fat? lmao i was thinking about getting head of some shit but idk.
  2. So she is over right now and wanting it, but yet you are typing this up on the computer? "Hold on baby, I don't know if I wanna do it with you right yet. Lemme check with my buddies on GC and see what they'll do and then I'll get back to you on that note." RIGHT ON!

    But nah I wouldn't do it. Mainly because she is 'fat'.
  3. Lol no theyre out eating right now.
  4. how fat wae talkin about .. ?
  5. poon is poon a hand job is a handjob and a blowjob is a blow job.. make her wear a bag over her head and tell her it's somekind of roleplaying.
  6. LMAO...Not too fat but shes not skinny.
  7. Get some hand or head....I wouldn't bang her though
  8. So she just got baggage then? I wouldn't get a handjob. To me, they're completely worthless. If I wanted to get jerked off, I'd do it myself.

    Go with head... atleast you can get a bitchs' lips wrapped around your water faucet.
  9. even big girls need love.
  10. Im not fat or skinny- I can get laid whenever I want cause I'm a girl- I choose not to unless I have a boyfriend it doesnt matter whether she's fat- there are skinny girls with ugly faces and there are the rare "hott" bitchez who can get laid whenever they want too- but u have to remember that its the godamn person inside who decides whether or not 2 fuck random people or not and if they do no matter if they're skinny or not- u need to wrap that shit up cause even the baddest hottest bitchez can carry shit and so cant the girl ur about to use and talk shit about- is fucking that worth it if ur not attracted to her? think about a hott girl using u and then telling all her buddies that u have a small dick- same thing! its fucked up- I did it once with someone I wasn't attracted to and I still regret it because it wasnt any fun- wise up and treat her like a person instead or just smoke a j with her and make her leave
  11. Dude Chubby chicks give head 1000x's better, go for it.
  12. I've said it once before here but I'm with Jonsi cuz big chicks like sucking suckers and frozen treats so they suck dicks real good.
  13. yo go hit that shit, and i want details like a mother fucker dude, plus pics dude you gotta post pics
  14. pics would be amazing!!!
  15. Meh...not in the mood to see an ugly, fat chick giving head
  16. besides Rhasta man ur all gay kids lol jus remember love knows not beauty- my last boyfriend I wasnt attracted to at first- I thought he was eh not my type at all- but I fell for him and he became hott to me
  17. No were mad close.I knew her for awhile now (about 8 yrs) and she doesnt want a relationship with anyone anyway, and she told my sister she likes me or w.e.I wouldnt make her leave she would do it as a friend.
  18. dude, i could've gotten with one of my friend's sisters the other night too. props man! i wouldn't do it though, shit might get weird
  19. Lol I decided I didnt want to do anything. Id probablly regret it so Im not going to do shit.
  20. Dude, you guys are fuckin hilarious.. talkin fat chicks suck better cuz they suck on more frozen treats and what not... damnit.. i almost pissed my pants and i'm sober right now! i'm gonna have to come back and go over this again when i'm high.. I love you guys.. haha.. later..

    -Eric :bongin:

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