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  1. Walk through a fun house with a bunch of gay guys in cowboy hats standing on platforms above you. They are all naked. 50% of them are jizzing into the hallway you are walking through and the other 50% are making it rain 100 dollar bills. You can collect as many as you can in 10 minutes. You can bring one item whether it be something to hold the money or an umbrella to block out the gratuitous amounts of semen. Would you take this challenge?

    PS. One of the cowboys has syphilis.
  2. if i had nothing left to lose id go for that as a last option.

    make sure i wear saran wrap suit when i go

    fucking semen dude...come oonnn
  3. I'd keep my orifices as closed as possible, take an umbrella, and stuff a papoose made from my shirt with as many 100's as I could.

    How many 100's could I grab in 10 minutes? I'm gonna say at least $5000 worth.
  4. this right here.
  5. Penicillin, man...nature's condom.

    I'd do it. I don't have a job--school takes up all of my damn time.

    In other words...
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  6. Telling us about your fantasies?
  7. haha exact same thing i thought...

    this shit came out of nowhere and it's a little TOO detailed..

    but, fuck no.. aint no gay cowboy jizzin on me.. fuck that

    lol :smoke:
  8. ha the only tag is "cowboy"
  9. lol I have weird things pop into my head sometimes. Some are just disgustingly twisted and this was one of them..... necessary? No, but sometimes these questions have to be asked.... actually they really don't.
  10. if they were throwing ounces of dank shit instead of paper, id probably do it. wouldnt tell anyone tho id say i found it lol.
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  11. thats a lot of money to make right there. nothing entering inside of me and all i would have to do is shower afterwards if any contact is even made even though i got the dodging skills of a ninja. no harm no foul

  12. What i am thinking.... 10 minutes and an unlimited supply of $100 bills? Id make some serious bank :hello:

  13. You could probably carry more than enough money to buy the equivalent amount of marijuana one could pick up in 10 minutes. Every $100 bill represents a quarter oz., just in a slim paper form.

    Also, you don't want baby batter on your dank, do you?
  14. Hell yea I'd do it but I would wear a garbage bag suit with a hood. I don't think you guys understand the amount of money that can be made here.
  15. i was thinking along the lines of every ounce would take the place of every 100 dollar bill. i refuse to get nut on me for money. fuck that. bud is another story.
    and a simple plastic bag would deflect any "baby batter" coming its way lol. id be golden... and a little sticky.

  16. How many ounces in a bag could you carry though? 10? 20? What about when it's 9 minutes in, you have a few bags, but you can't bend down to pick up another one without dropping some of your current load (pun not intended).

    Because I could easily hold 100 dollar bills in one hand and it would barely slow me down.

    And yes, I am completely over thinking this.
  17. no hurt in that lol, well idk, i guess my 1 item would be a basket i could wear around my waist about 10 feet in diameter, made of wire mesh with big gaps, as to avoid catching copius amounts of dick gravy. i could catch them effortlessly, as well as pick up the ones i miss. where i live any bud thats a 7/10 and up can be sold for 500 an ounce. too many ignorants and khalifa cock jockeys. i cant complain tho. :smoke:
  18. Id get a hazmat suit with pockets everywhere and go in the willy nilly and go home and wash all the money. Can't believe no one thought of that yet haha
  19. Id do it! lmao.

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