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  1. Kill someone for thirty thousand dollars? A simple silenced pistol. If not thirty how about sixty? No higher than sixty.

    Would you?
  2. i could do it for $30 grand if i didn't know the guy probably.
  3. your fuckin right i would quikly
  4. What r u all on?
  5. for sure. lol my car would become a lot faster
  6. yup

    look at my sig, i need money, lol
  7. i'd kill someone for free if i thought i'd get away with it.
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    i would kill someone for a lot less. black hoodie, burner gloves, ski mask... do dirt.
  9. man im surprised the outcome of this. fuckin weirdo's you could be the one that person getting 30g's is coming to kill
  10. You could just as equally be the person committing the murder. Or, you could just as equally be the person whom the victim (person who was killed for 30k) was going to harm in the future, but death got in their way of that.

    You never know how life's gonna work out; let this be a lesson to you and think of things from all angles rather than just putting yourself in the victim's shoes.
  11. No. Money aint worth my freedom.

    I'd kill for free if they did anything to my family though.
  12. Depends who it was...
  13. If i could choose the person, in a heartbeat, my friend.
  14. Not enough info, only if they fucked with my family or tried to kill me. Otherwise, I could never just kill someone like that.

    Seriously, alot of people don't know the feeling of having that gun up the persons head and pulling the trigger, its not that easy.

    Unless you've been there done that. Or feel no remorse, or have no conscience. Then you are barely human!
  15. I'd fuck someone up really bad for a good amount of money, but i could never kill someone. No matter what they did, i just couldn't take someone's life.
  16. If you could choose who to kill you would choose your friend? :hide::bolt:
  17. would it be worth 30gs to have you killed? i know no one would pay 30gs to have me killed.....

    and to the original question: hell yes
  18. $30-60k works for me.

    I would do it no questions asked, you supply me with a clean pistol and half cash up front. No hesitation, 1 shot back of the head.

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