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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by unoit, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, I know TooSicks can appreciate what I'm going to post.
    It's The Boy's Toy which he's so far has invested $5000 for. Me I don't think I could pay that much just for a Mountain bike.

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  2. HIGH All, and where and what they do to these Bikes.

    It'a a Mountain Bike race that's been going on for the last few years on Mt. Washington . Nothing like watching a bunch of crazies go down a Mountain full of snow *LOL*.

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  3. HIGH All, aahhhh one more for TooSicks.

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  4. haha damn thats expensive for a bike.
  5. Very nice pictures. Don't know too much about bikes, (at least the ones without a motor :) ) but that's look nice!
  6. I dunno anything bout bikes either. But I wouldnt mind hauling ass down a snowy mountainside on a bike with nice fat tires lol, sounds like a good time to me!! :D
  7. i've tried it but fell on my ass after ~50ft and slid the rest of the way on my face:D dislocated both knees on a fallen branch on the way down.it hurt.:rolleyes:
  8. HIGH All, *LOL* @ hippy john!!! What a site that would've been *LOL*. I'll have to get some more pics of the kids doing jumps...they make their own trails and jumps in the forest. A few years back we made Mountain bike trails for the M.O.F and now Mountain Bikers from All around the world come here to compete. Makes me wonder if these guys value their jobs.

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