Would You Work For Mary Jane?

Discussion in 'General' started by crash3, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Would You Do Work For Ganja?

    Today I was at my grandma's doing some work for her and I was thinking hmm this will be a good couple of blunts im working for today:D

    Anyways, I was thinking about, the current economy situation, how my money seems to be going by alot faster, and thinking about smoking a couple blunts :p

    I was thinking well, yeah I'd work for ganja, thats basically what I'm doing now, except I'm working for some money, which is green paper with no real value other than I can I can trade it for other things, but it doesn't do much for me to actually posess this "MONEY"

    So I was thinking there should be some sort of market or system I came up with the name "Green Market" or the "Green Force" or something to that extent, Which could potentially be a market that uses marijuana as another form of currency and can be traded for other goods and services. Say I'm not able to mow my lawn and it needs done, I could pay someone a quarter of bud for them to mow it for me. They could in turn use that quarter to smoke of course, as currency for someone to paint their fence, at a local vegetable stand (theres alot of those around here) or to buy or trade for whatever else..

    So basically the more work you do, the more ganja you got:hello:
    I'm not exactly sure how it could be regulated, you could apply and based on your income or disability or something to that extent idk I need some help with the regulation part..

    There could be MJ distribution centers in each town and you could go pick up your weekly ammount and it could be a small tax or monthly fee you pay relating to how much you recieve and this could keep the distribution centers running and to pay the growers idk just an idea maybe it could snowball and turn into something

  2. Man, would I love to work for a thing that makes me so happy.
  3. In that case im smoking some dank 20 dollar bills right now
  4. i would deff work for some dank shit =](hello everyone im new here but have been looking through for for about a week earlier just signed up now =])
  5. well I wouldnt necessarily work for just mj. When you work and get money, you can buy weed AND other things.

    does that make sense? Im ripped out of my mind man:smoking:
  6. haha i allready do. wash my cousins car for an eigth about every week.

    you also have to think about what if the weed goes bad, and is fire worth more then bammer in this economy? cuz i would definitely not work for schwagg haha
  7. that probably wouldn't work. There has to be some base currency to base it off of. Usually a currency is chosen because it is scarce...such as a gold standard.

    You could do it with weed, but how would you gauge how much to pay a person. Do you make 3.5 grams an hour?

    The first thing that would need to happen for marijuana to be used as a currency is for it to be scarce...that is that it has a limited supply. Gold, silver, ect all have limited supply which make them valuable.

    It is the fact that gold was limited which made if valuable, which was why money was based on it.

    Of course now we don't have a gold standard, but still work with the same premise. Now we base money on goods and services. That works, but now that money can be just printed and isn't dependent on a standard we get inflation.

    It's a good idea in theory, but I don't think it'd work.
  8. There's got to be a way around this!! We stoners find a way around every other predicament that is ganja related! Just smoke a few bowls and whatever ideas or adjustments that could make it work this is just something to start with just brainstorming with this in mind im sure we'll come up with something!!

    I was thinking there could be some sort of communication like the bulletin board or something will work for ganja classifieds or something lol. idk I was thinking the prices could be competetive so you could get the most out of every bud and there could be different strains at the dispensary like with MMJ but with much more. So i could post SOMEWHERE that I want my lawn mowed, and im willing to give this much of this strain for this many hours of work doing this thing IDK just brainstorming workers call up, do the deed and recieve their green :smoke:

    we need to figure out where SOMEWHERE is

    any thoughts or ideas??
  9. Guys. Look. Marijuana is regrettably illegal. So it can't be a currency. Sorry for the shootdown. I do like the idea though.
  10. Hmm. I honestly couldn't see the point in it. How would you know if the weed you were working for was any good or not. You could do a lawn thinking your gonna get hooked up and get a sack of some dirt home grown with the effect of only a head ache. I think I'd rather work for money and have the option of choosing my supply and the ability to do other things with my money if i've already got green. Ok idea if you're young and don't need to work to survive only get high, but other wise a bust idea. So no. I wouldn't. Can't say I know many who would. In the long run you'd find yourself stoned, broke and living on the street mowing yards to get high.. Instead of being able to go buy some food. You'd be like a Wine-O only you'd be a Weed-O...
  11. Well guys. Pot is illegal so it looks like we cant smoke/grow/sell it. Sounds cool though.

    And the point was for it to be regulated like MMJ something along the lines of that but not quite..
  12. I would love to get paid 5 - 10 grams a hour :hello:. and if i needed some cash just sell some.
  13. i do it all the time...i make graphics for my "friend" and he gives me compensation fo free nuggassss
  14. mary jane works for me
  15. thats a really good idea for the future
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    This guy knows what he´s talking about.

    Anyone that has said something bad about the federal bank after watching zeitgeist and then agreed to having bud as money...well just doesn´t know anything really.

    It´d be so easy to "make" or grow money, that inflation would be high as fuck and eventually weed wouldn´t be worth anything...except for smoking, which is right about where we are now...so yeah.
  17. thats basically what i work for.. weed.. i also buy alcohol.. so i would work for weed and alcohol.. shit i wouldnt even need to call my dealer
  18. No man. I love weed but you need money. And when you receive cash you can use it to buy weed. They might pay you in shwag as well. I would rather have cash rolls to buy weed, cigs and alcohol...the trifecta.
  19. When I tended bar I got tipped with it all the time.
  20. That would be pretty cool if it worked :hello:

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