would you wait to smoke your friend out?

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    k, got a coworker of mine that's turned into a close friend . We smoke together and I've been strapped for cash this week. He smoked me out a couple days ago and I told him I'd return the favor on friday when we get paid.  Well my dealer/friend hooked me up with a front of a gram and I emailed my friend like an hour ago to come smoke but he hasn't replied, checked his shit yet.  I even tried to get at him on facebook.  He doesn't have a cell phone and I've never really gotten a legit home phone number from him(stays at home with his parents only 20) just some google voice shit that's weird.  Everytime I've tried to call it it comes up as if I'm dialing collect.  I'm seriously about to just pack this shit and smoke it if I don't hear from him in the next 30 minutes.  How long would you wait to smoke a friend out?
    Edit: We've had some mutual beef with this guy at work and shit just blew up today.  My friend left work early cause he was so upset about it and I really want to cheer him up by smoking him out but fucker hasn't replied. 

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    If he doesn't reply to you at all, it really isn't your problem.  Pack that shit up and toke away! You can always smoke him out sometime in the near future  :smoking:
  3. you tried. if he doesnt answer its his loss this time, light up. just hit him up friday for another smoke when you get paid
  4. yeah, man, fuck this it's been long enough.  Just sent him an email stating that I'm about to run to the store for a black and mild and that I'd check to see if he replied when I get back.  Damn sorry for him cause this stuff is smelly and sticky as fuck.  Maybe the best smelling stuff I've seen. 
  5. ill be ur friend

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  6. If he finds out you waited hours for him just to smoke a gram he'll secretly lose all respect for you.
    If he bitches just be like "dude, I called you 5 times". If he's not a complete D-bag he'll let it go.
  7. I'd just smoke at this point. You made the effort but he didn't respond.
  8. 1.5 hours is a reasonable wait time.

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