Would you toke pregnant?

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  1. If you were pregnant would you quit weed or keep smoking? Studies have shown it could actually be good for the baby. Personally, if I had a pregnant wife I don't thing I would want her to smoke bud. If you're a guy, would you let your pregnant partner toke? :bongin:
  2. my friends parents toked heavily during pregnancy and he turned out fine, just a huge pothead now lol
  3. If I was pregnant, we would have serious problems.
  4. I wouldn't. The studies that have been done aren't conclusive enough for me to be comfortable with it.
  5. If she wanted to vape maybe but I wouldn't let it maybe... Idk I'm high lol
  6. Just like every other drug/substance - Your unborn baby doesn't have a choice in the matter.
    I have made a thread about this:
    My girl (wife now, that's gonna take a while to get used to) and I are trying for a baby later in the year. We've both decided that in the three months prior to even TRYING to get her pregnant, we're going to hit the gym once more per week, completely stop with the weed (even though we only vape), cigs aren't a problem as we don't smoke, and alcohol we barely have anyways - though we will be stopping that entirely too.
    The only thing we will be doing is caffeine - and even that will be relatively limited.

    So yeah, our bodies ought to be in better shape for it, and from what I hear I'll get my sperm count up and all that.

    As for during...
    Do I believe that weed causes problems? Not really.
    Though there has been links to behavioural difficulties, and there's some "maybe's" involved...and for me that maybe factor is enough...the lady agrees.
    If there's one time in your life where you're truly responsible and careful with your body, I think that it's when you're carrying another life that's linked physically to you.

    So yeah for the 3 months lead-up to pregnancy we won't be having any at all.
    During the pregnancy also - even though as the male I don't really need to, I feel like it's important that I support her through it and show I'm as willing as she is.
  7. I'm a dude but I wouldn't the way I see it sure it could be fine for the baby but why risk it
  8. I wouldn't toke while pregnant and I wont let my future wife either. I'm sure there are things that aren't found but dangerous about it.

    I don't want to be getting my baby used to being high either.
  9. I would ONLY do it if I had horrible nausea or w/e other shit comes with pregnancy. Oh and I wouldn't smoke, I would vape. Not much, but just enough to battle the sickness. And obviously I wouldn't do it the entire pregnancy, I don't want my kid taken away at birth. But yeah, only for those cases.

    I don't think anyone should drink any alcohol (not even a glass of wine, which doctors allow 'stressed' preggo women to do to 'unwind') or smoke anything or obviously do any drugs while pregnant....but vaping a couple times throughout the pregnancy to help your god-awful sickness could be a miracle. I know my cousin while preggo smoked a few times, I got really upset with her for it but I know she was just looking for relief.
  10. I did. My son is fine. I would do it again if I had the ability to have kids still. (cancer) there are studies is Jamaica saying that the babies of parents who smoke actually thrive better then those who don't. There is a link running around the forums here. Try finding it.
  11. Ima dude and actually today I got smoked up by a couple people and there was a older women there that was pregnent and blazing kinda made me mad to be honest.
  12. no. i would probably just eat a lot and bitch about shit.
  13. Wow, surprised at the poll here. I would never let my girlfriend/wife smoke cigarettes, weed or drink alcohol if she was pregnant. I mean it's 9 months, if you can't stay sober 9 months you shouldn't be raising a kid in the first place.

  14. theres been a couple studies showing that marjuana can increase sperm growth, but anyways, good luck on hopefully having baby man! :hello:

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