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Would you tell your kids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kneelforneal, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. If you smoke weed?
    Or, have you told them, or, do you want to, if you have kids?

    My mom tells me sometimes she feels stupid for telling us older kids, partly because of the fact that she also told me of a lot of other adults I know that do it.

    I try to tell her that it helps us bond more, but she still has doubts.
  2. My dad told me when he was being taken to jail after he murdered a bunch of innocent people while high.

    Nah i'm kidding.

  3. hahahahah i love you no homo
  4. actually my dad told me it was fine with him to smoke as long as i dont fuck up my life becuase of it, so i most likely will be the same with my kids cuase now i feel closer to my dad and feel like i can tell him whatevers up. Thats the kind of thing i want to have with my kids.

  5. Same with me except my dad doesnt know i smoke but i want my kids to know its alright to smoke just aslong as it doesnt fuck your life up.
  6. i'd tell my kids once they reached an appropriate age, like 16 or something. i'd want to steer them on a course to success first of course.
  7. I'll tell my kids when they get to high school. Or when I think they are ready. I wouldnt want them to start that young, but once you're 16 you can pretty much decide whats right and wrong.
  8. My oldest knows that my wife and I smoke. He's only 14. If it were up to me, he wouldn't know. I wasn't planning on telling him until he was older 17-18 depending on how well he matured. I didn't have a choice tho, because he found my stash one day while snooping in my room for Christmas presents, the little brat lol.

    It's funny tho, once he found out, it really wasn't that big a deal. We had the talk (the real marijuana talk, not the one they give in school). I was careful not to glamorize it and let him know that I wouldn't approve of him doing it until he was a suitable age (just like alcohol). He handled it really well. We still don't smoke in front of him, and probably won't until he's 18.

    My younger kids still don't know, and won't know for as long as I can help it. One thing that I learned tho, is that your kids can handle more then you think they can. Kids realize that their parents are human. Strangely, it has brought us a little closer.
  9. i'd only let em know if they decided to experience it themselves. I'll let them discover it then ill come out and let em know i do it . or if they ever get curious and ask me about it. i'd rather do that before they try sneeking behind my backs
  10. i wouldn't really "tell" them. i'd just let them figure it out for themselves.
  11. My kids already know. They are almost 6 and almost 3. They'll always know that mommy smokes...I've told them it's a medicine for adults and they understand that. I'll keep telling them that, cause it's true, and expand on it as their age allows.

    When they're 18 I'll be happy to spark one with them, if they want. They will know the truth about marijuana, so the decision will be a fully informed one.

  12. this. i wouldn't want them to start smoking weed or hang out with stoners in high school just because they i know i did it

  13. yeah i'd be fine with them smoking as long as they still associated with good kids. the one's that get into good colleges and become successful.
  14. I hope my kids don't have to live in a world where prohibition (at least on cannabis) exists.

    If it does though, I would definitely tell them how cannabis increased the quality of my life EXPONENTIALLY more than other recreational drugs like alcohol.
  15. No.

    If my kid wants to use responsible at an appropriate age that's fine, but I don't want to come close to influencing them.
  16. it really depends on how old they are, if they were at least 16 then i might
  17. I would. My dad was the second youngest of 10, over half of his siblings were legit hippies, one of his brothers actually has a very serious problem with drugs, and my dad was a borderline alcoholic and still knocks out 2 or 3 tins a day. He said he's never tried a single drug. Obviously, I find that very difficult to believe and I would rather not be lied to. I don't know if he thinks that by not telling me, he's protecting me or some such bullshit, but its hard to have a good, honest conversation with your father when you think half the things coming out of his mouth are lies.

    Oh, and he cheated on my mom, then he cheated on that lady (who he ended up breaking up with due to cocaine issues). He still hasn't settled down since then and continually cheats on everybody, so there is more to me not trusting him than just him saying he hasn't done drugs.

  18. Yes, this!! :smoking:
  19. Somewhere from 13 to 15 Im going to walk into their room (if I have kids) and light them up. At that age, they are going to be exposed to it by then. I was when I was like.. 12. I smoked at 13. Better to smoke with me than with some little gangmembers.
  20. I dunno man, 13-15 year olds are still growing up and I wouldn't want to influence their brain development. Plus pot can make you kind of unmotivated so it's not really something every high school student can handle and make good grades. However, it is better than getting them drunk...

    I have smoked with my mom before but I am 22 now. It wasn't very fun anyway - she went straight to bed after a couple hits. I think I would feel comfortable having my kids know that I smoke, but I would not offer to smoke with them until they are 18 probably.

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