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Would you take this half joint of kill?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 93TheHitStick, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. So my dad has a mmj card. He doesn't condone me smoking though since i am in high school. But he doesn't really smoke roaches he usually throws them away. So he usually leaves a few roaches sitting around which i guess he is cool with me taking. I was in his bathroom getting the plunger and i see three fat roaches and one half a joint. I would be high for the rest of tonight and all day tomorrow if i puffed this. I took the roaches already. But should i get that half a joint? Idk. If i ask he will say hes not cool with it. But if i take it he might pretend he didn't notice. The worst that will happen is getting screamed at. What should i do?
    Oh and when he was leaving the house i'm pretty sure he had a fat joint in his hand. Also he hadn't smoked in a couple of hours since i would smell it so its not like he forgot it.
  2. Naw, its his weed, and hes not cool with you smoking in the first place.
  3. I mean, first off you shouldnt take his stuff without asking.... But if youve taken them before, he might be cool with it. If I were you I would just take the roaches.... The way you describe it, it seems like he smokes alot, so leave him his halfy and take his roach later... Just dont push him to not letting you get anything at all. ;)
  4. Well I don't condone stealing from people or disrespecting people's parents so it's best you leave them be. Chances are he's pretty chill and will buy you bud when you're out of high school. Speaking of which, you probably shouldn't be on these boards.
  5. That is your dad's medicine! That would be like them prescribing him viagra and you taking it from him. Find your own connect and don't just take his bud. If your dad found out you took his medicine he definitely wouldn't want you smoking! Show him the respect you want from him, if you don't want him taking your things don't take his!
  6. this might sound stupid but i dont care...ok leave the roaches, take the joint but dont smoke it, wait for him to come back and if he doesnt say anything about it then smoke it, if he does then make up some type of lie and give it to him, atleast if you get caught or whatever youll have the half joint still at hand
  7. Unless you're some form of masachist, I say stay away since you've already answered you're question.
  8. fuck those go look for his stash and take a small amount he wont miss a bud or 2 :)
  9. Why would an 18 year old adult come on the internet asking for advice on stealing his/her dad's weed? :confused_2:

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