Would you take the blame for CASH?

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  1. My dads friend was telling me this story once.

    Him and a few friends were coming home from a dealers house. There was 5 people in the car in total. They had just bought a QP. Right after driving away they get pulled over. The guy in the back with all the weed throws the bags out the windows. After the cops talk to them he starts looking for the bag that he saw fly from the car. When he finds it, they are all going down for it. They make a deal that one guy will take the blame, and say that the weed was his and no one else knows about it. The catch is, everyone else in the car has to pay him 500 dollars. This was in the 70-80's. So he made 2000 dollars, but had to take the fall.
  2. What were his charges?
  3. No. A quarter pound is bound to qualify as felony possession (intent to distribute)...and I would much rather not have the money than have that charge follow me around for the rest of my life.

    Thanks, but no thanks.
  4. 2000 aint gonna cover lawyer fees and whatever fines you get
  5. A lawyer would cost more than two grad for that charge as well, so I say no :p
  6. This is in the 70's, so by todays equivalent your lookin at about 10,000. 2000 aint shit today. Hell you can't find a used car for 2000 anymore.
  7. I beg to differ.
  8. I dont necessarily believe the story, but he said the only thing he got was volunteer hours and community service. I would never take the money no matter how small the punishment.

    Freedom > Cash
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    Ok the difference isn't that excessive, but have you ever heard of inflation? It runs pretty rampant in America.

    edit: like I said

    2000 in 1980 is 5100 today

    I'm no economist so I was way off
  10. I was talking about the used car line. Didn't mean to cause a scene.
  11. someone has to do it, wouldnt be me though. a qp could be facing jail. my buddy got caught with a pound a few years ago in NH. Hes currently doing a 8 month sentence in prison for it. hes been drug tested until he went in also. He had to pay mad fines and his uncle is a cop.

    FUCK THAT, plus Im on probation for possession and disorderly.. i gotta be good:smoke:
  12. I'd keep the clean record thank you very much.
  13. Fuck I accidently pressed yes.

  14. LOL I was wondering who would say yes.
  15. haha I was curious who said yes too....


    clean record/freedom > a medium sum of cash

    any day in my book.
  16. Everyone has their price

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