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  1. Would you take steroids if you were a professional athlete? and a lot of people around you were doing them. Would you feel presured to keep up with the athletes that are bigger, faster and stronger? Would you take steroids if it was the difference between making 1 million $ or 8 million $?

    Or would you take steroids if it was the difference between making the team or not making the team?
  2. Probably would.

    I think all pro athletes should have to take sterioids.
  3. personally i wouldnt...but i dont look down on those that have, because in their world you gotta look for anything that can help put you above the competition, and for some i guess it was da roids
  4. I would.. I mean were watching them to see how far humans can go... Steroids help :)
  5. I Lol'd but I agree on a level because..man sports would get much more serious. Even soccer..

  6. Exactly.... I mean fuck, they get paid millions of dollars a year, might as well make em work for that moneh.
  7. i wouldn't take steroids, i would take hgh since they still can't test for it ;)
  8. I dont think I would do it, I would get such a sense of accomplishment when I hit a home run without cheating. Of course 10 years ago I "knew" I would never smoke weed, so what the hell do I know;). I dont think steroids could make the difference between 8 and 1 million dollars either. In baseball for example I could probably only add 10 homeruns to the year max, and maybe raise batting average .010 maximum (wont help you swing but can help you get to base faster). Then how many wins does that translate for whole team. So no not worth it.
  9. Depends on the sport

    Steroids are much more accepted in the NFL than in the MLB

    Football doesn't have as much of the sacred history that baseball does and the fans want to see big guys crashing into each other. Baseball relies on the continuity of being able to compare a modern player's batting average to a player's in 1930.
  10. I honestly don't care if any athlete takes steriods. Pro sports are so competitive it would be near impossible to make it if you hadn't at one point. If you can't beat them, join them.

    I could even get steriods right now if I wanted to. My buddy at school takes them (pills and injections) and he tries to sell them to me all the time. Just isn't for me though I don't need to be huge.
  11. Either all or none, at least within a certain sport.
  12. And it would be pretty ridiculous and borderline scary if they were required to take steroids.
  13. sooner or later every sport is going to be roided out... and it's just going to be like Goliath vs Goliath all the time... i think it makes sports boring so i go with no
  14. I know, imagine roid rage in the locker rooms, especially after a loss! ;)
  15. bump, sorry just curious
  16. The question is way too vague

    I'd much rather do steroids in the NFL where it's only a 4 game suspension as opposed to baseball where it essentially ruins your reputation
  17. the use of steroids is as much of misunderstood as cannabis is.

    Saying "Steroids makes you go crazy and makes your testicles shrink" is like saying "smoking weed makes you schizophrenic and gives you lung cancer".

    When taken with doctor supervision and taken in the amounts correct for your body they do relatively little harm.

    I'd probably do them.
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    people take steroids because they dont give a crap about what theyre doing to their body or accept the consequences.....

    whereas people who wouldnt take steroids either have different morals or actually care about their health more than money.

    its really unfair to people who wouldnt even consider them because they prioritize their health would get left in the dust.

    i feel that most people who say "who cares?" or say yes they would are spectators and not actually physically involved in the sport themselves, so they prefer to see more action rather than say in football be hit by one of these roided up players :rolleyes:
  19. Fuck that. I like my hair and balls... no amount of money is worth those.

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