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  1. Woman sues Delta over sex toy humiliation
    Associated Press

    CLEARWATER, Fla. -- A woman who was pulled off an airplane in Dallas and asked to pull a sex toy out of her luggage after it started vibrating has sued Delta Airlines, saying she was publicly humiliated.

    Renee Koutsouradis, 36, of Pinellas County was sitting on a plane in February with her husband, awaiting takeoff from Dallas, when her name was called over the loud speaker.

    She was met at the front of the plane by a Delta security agent who told her to walk with him to the tarmac.

    When he told her something was vibrating in one of her bags, she said she told the agent that it was an adult toy that she and her husband had just bought on their trip to Las Vegas.

    She said the agent took her to the bag on the tarmac and forced her to open it "and remove the adult toy and hold it up for visible view," according to the suit that was filed Wednesday in Pinellas County Court.

    Passengers on the side of the plane facing the tarmac saw everything, and three male Delta employees nearby "began laughing hysterically" and made "obnoxious and sexually harassing comments," the suit claims.

    After having to hold the item up for a minute, the suit says, Koutsouradis was allowed to repack and return to her seat for the flight to Tampa.

    Embarrassing incidents have become more common with increased security by all airlines since Sept. 11, said Michael Boyd, an airline planning and security consultant.

    "Customers now have to be aware that their bags are always subject to search in front of other people," he said.

    Koutsouradis' lawyer, Brad Tobin, would not release her hometown, except that she lives in Pinellas County. There was no local telephone listing under her name.

    She declined comment when contacted by the St. Petersburg Times.

    "I just don't want to be embarrassed any more than I've already been," she told the newspaper for today's editions.

    Tobin said Delta agents should have escorted his client to a private area.

    "She was pretty horrified by the treatment," he said. "She never contended that Delta doesn't have the right to investigate a security issue. It was their total lack of professionalism."

    A spokeswoman for Atlanta-based Delta declined comment on specifics of the lawsuit.

    "We have an obligation ... to protect the safety and security of passengers," said spokeswoman Katie Connell. "If there's anything questionable about a bag, we have a responsibility to investigate."

    The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages of more than $15,000, accusing Delta of negligence, the intentional infliction of emotional distress and gender discrimination.
  2. if could sue for a hole in my fucking grocery bags, i would. this ones a no brainer..

    after all, this is the american dream in action
  3. I guess that is the general opinion, sue sue sue...but don't you think that it is nesesary to take such precautions with everything going on?
  4. no not at all...america is just being cowardly and shit...we just need more people on the plains that kick ass like the rock n roll dude
  5. suing is the height of bad manners I hate it.

    but capitolism is the fashion and if that what the think will make them happy then it is up to them!
  6. I agree- suing is rareley about principle- IF EVER. It's about greed and bad manners (as my friend said^^^). Shit- if she's that embarassed about it then she shouldn't be doing it. If you do something- as long as the worst that can happen is that you look a little like a dick (or like you own a great big plastic one)- then don't be ashamed of it.
  7. haha..that would be funny..if it was like a gigantic two footer or something..then they would know a lil too much about her..hahahahha
  8. i would be waayyy too embarassed to sue, who wants to carry their vibrator into court for evidence?! lol

    but i would be letting them have an earful, demand compensation of some sort (at LEAST disciplinary action against those who were outright LAUGHING), and NEVER use that particular airline again.

    personally i'd never pack something that personal into my luggage, and they had the right to make her take it out if it was vibrating in a funny way, but to laugh about it was unprofessional.

    fuck the american dream of suing, i watch people's court sometimes and am amazed at the type of things people go to court over. everyone wants something for free, and monetary compensation for their minor troubles in life. sure some things (like lifetime disabilities, etc) are worth suing over, but people take it way too far.

  9. yer- if she's that fucking humiliated- WHY FUCKING HOLD IT UP IN COURT?!?!?!?
  10. the bitch should of never had it on the plane in the first place, and if she did she should of been ready for something like that. everyone is fuckin sue happy
  11. suing just creates further oppression against people. Discrimates also. And god knows we have enough of that. I wouldn't sue for anything. I would rather people learn by example rather than be reactive to it. This helps the human race become closer rather than become seperate. People are too closed minded :(
  12. I just read this this morning, from NBCSandiego.com ~ can you fucking believe it?! What next? Suing to have to just LOOK at large people?

    Man Sues Airline For Being Seated Next To Obese Man
    Delta Spokesman Calls Man's Lawsuit Trivial

    UPDATED: 12:27 p.m. EDT August 1, 2002

    ASHLAND, Ohio -- An Ashland man is suing Delta Airlines because he was seated next to an obese man during a two-hour flight last November.

    Philip Shafer said that Delta breached its contract to provide him with a full seat and reasonable comfort. Shafer claims he suffered embarrassment, severe discomfort, mental anguish and severe emotional distress from the flight.

    "I think these large people have a responsibility to take control, either to get two seats, or talk to the airline," Shafer said. "The airline has a responsibility to take care of this problem. The last person who should be worried is the innocent passenger."

    An attorney for Delta called the suit trivial and said that it is not a legitimate issue. The case is set to go to court in mid-September.
  13. check this one out - http://www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp?story=307449

    Big noises at odds over the sound of silence
    By David Lister Media and Culture Editor
    21 June 2002
    'The Sound of Silence' may have prompted engaging harmonies from Simon and Garfunkel – but a more literal appreciation of the absence of noise has prompted one of the more curious copyright disputes of modern times.

    Mike Batt, the man behind the Wombles and Vanessa Mae, has put a silent 60-second track on the album of his latest classical chart-topping protégés, the Planets. This has enraged representatives of the avant-garde, experimentalist composer John Cage, who died in 1992. The silence on his group's album clearly sounds uncannily like 4'33", the silence composed by Cage in his prime.

    Batt said last night: "I've received a letter on behalf of John Cage's music publishers. I was in hysterics when I read their letter.

    "As my mother said when I told her, 'which part of the silence are they claiming you nicked?'. They say they are claiming copyright on a piece of mine called 'One Minute's Silence' on the Planets' album, which I credit Batt/Cage just for a laugh. But my silence is original silence, not a quotation from his silence."
  14. No she shouldnt sue!, She is being negligent for not making sure the thing a) is off b) should probably have the batteries removed as it does vibrate. They should have a public stoning.


  15. a public stoning eh... that sounds like fun. All we need to do is get hold of lotsa skunk and make big skunk bonfires in public- hey presto...

    Oh man- I got an Idea- you know they incinerate cannabis that the police seize... how do they stop the whole surrounding population being fucked off their heads? And could you get a dirty great tube from the incinerator through ice and shit and then ahhhhh...

  16. I'll bring the weed!
  17. stoned, ston·ing, stones
    To hurl or throw stones at, especially to kill with stones.

  18. Where's the fun in that?

    Edit: reminds me of dogma:

    "I was stoned to death."
    "You were martyred?"
    "That's one way of putting it... another is that i was bludgened to death with big fucking rocks."
  19. Who else thinks this woman needs to be sued for being so stupid?

    Obese? I say sue the man for being rude to obese people!

    This world is all about greed and the easy buck.

  20. Right, I was thinking, the obese man needs to countersue for public humiliation. I read that story and I was so aghast, all I could think was..


    discomfort is something we ALL experience in our lives, and you know what? large people, sometimes can't even help their weight. a cheerleader in my high school gained almost 200 lbs in 2 years due to some rare thyroid issue that just destroyed her metabolism, and she ate like a rabbit! :(

    as for the woman, why in hell didn't she take the batteries out?! that's just common sense. sure she shouldn't have been laughed at, but sometimes you just have to deal with the consequences of your own stupidity. i do it all the time :D


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