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Would you still do weed if..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jism2112003, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Would you still use weed if you couldn't smoke it? You could only bake with it or other methods.. just not smoking it.
  2. Of course!

    Albeit probably not every night , it'd be more of an occasion.

  3. If you mean i could vape it then yes i would, but i would have to get used to it since i love smoking it.
  4. occassionally, but not that often probably.
  5. good question, if you could vape it then I would but if it was just cooking it I think it would be a very ocaasional thing like once every month or two.
  6. Yeah, I enjoy smoking and if I had to bake I'd cut down. Maybe once or twice a month or something
  7. Same i would definitly cut down... Probably once or twice a month as long as i couldnt vape it

  8. lol why do ppl act like "Vaping" is totally differnt from smoking?.. its pretty much the same fuckin thing seriously, not tryin to be a dick...

    yes i would still do edibles if i couldnt smoke, just not as much.

  9. umm...
    yes its the same in that you are inhaling something, but vapor and smoke are two totally different things.
  10. You're obviously very, very retarded, not tryin to be a dick...

    But in all seriousness, every post I've seen by you is flaming another member or something. Stop being a dick, its a weed forum

  11. You dont "do" weed first off, secondly, look up the definitions of smoke and vapor, you might just notice a difference. And third, no one needs a dick where theres a whole bunch of heads ahahaha. And if they had to be eaten instead i dont think i would cut down, granted its just as easy to come by. But buying edibles isnt really all that easy here and making them is a hassel. If i had to make them myself then id probably cut down.
  12. obviously
  13. i still be gettin fucked up all day everyday.
  14. I'd just ingest it anally...

    But yeah, I'd probably eat firecrackers all day long.
  15. yea, but i wouldnt blaze daily like i do, i would do on occasion for good times with friends and stuff
  16. I'd make shitloads of food with it. All the time.
  17. Yes I would still "do" it.

    It would be more of a hassle to bake food with it, but whatever. I would grow lots of plants and make a batch of brownies everyday.:yummy:
  18. Eating tastes good so why not eat while you get high OF COURSE I WOULD SILLYY ;D
  19. if i could only bake it, ide still do it just not nearly as much as i do now. but ide just vape
  20. I would probably still do it, just a lot less often.
    I love everything about smoking weed.

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