Would You Stay High Forever?

Discussion in 'General' started by Occultivator, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Hypothetically- if you could get a simple medical procedure to keep you perpetually high, would you do it?
  2. No, I wouldn't. :smoking:

    Haha, would you?
  3. HELL NO

    its the altered state that we seek
    when it is no longer an altered state by being in that mindset 24/7, sobriety would become the altered state...
  4. No I like being able to wake and bake, the first high of the day is always the best.
  5. no.....yes....i dk that be sick, but then you can't enjoy getting high.
  6. I won't reveal my opinion just yet. ;)

    Let's say you could designate the degree of your perpetual high, so smoking would still have an effect...
  7. My heart says yes but my brain says no.
  8. I would rather have the power to make any strain of bud appear in front of me when i clap my hands.
  9. I still say no to your offer.

    Now if you're talking about an opiate high... :ey:

  10. This.
  11. :laughing:

    When creating this thread I considered a 'weed genie' that grants 3 cannabis wishes, but I decided to go with something more 'possible'. :p
  12. no, there's some things you should be sober for. like if a child drowns and needs cpr or something.. :smoking:
  13. I agree with you, but you can perform with the same clarity of mind while high. I would react in the same way in that situation whether sober or high.
  14. which would SUCK so hard.but if i could be guarenteed to have weed to smoke the rest of my life freely when i choose to,than yes.hell yes.
  15. There's a lot of things not to be done while high, like math...
  16. It's a fun thought, but I agree that there are certain things that you should be completely sober for.

    As for the weed genie idea!
    I would ask for:
    1) A couple acres of land to grow on.
    2) An unlimited supply of seeds from a couple different strains.
    3) A Dwarf that was an expert glass blower to make me all sorts of sweet pieces and would blaze with me all the time!
  17. haha then you'd have to smoke like cigarettes to get sober
  18. 3 wishes

    1) an already grown plant ready to harvest of whichever strain I desire.
    2) a dutchmaster with that strain already rolled whenever I snap my fingers.
    3) humongous dank 50g+ buds on command.
  19. Hey man, I can't do math sober. :p Also- nice username grab!

    I like your wishes! An unlimited supply of herb would most definitely ruin the fun of growing.

    The dwarf is a nice touch as well. :D
  20. i wish i could control the opiate recptors in my brain
    that would be really awesome

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