Would you smoke with your parents/kids?

Discussion in 'General' started by Steelerfan83, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. My mom just turned 50, but she is hands down the coolest and funniest chick I know. I would do anything to smoke with her, but sadly i just accept that it's never going to happen. But I do plan on being the first to smoke with my kids (when I have some). I don't want to corrupt them or push weed on them. I just want to make sure they learn to do things the right way from the very start.
  2. I'd smoke with my pops hands down. Good luck man!
  3. I have smoked with my parents and it was so awkward haha.
  4. My parents know I smoke and when I go over on special occasions they don't mind (depending on the company). As far as my kids.. at 18 no problem, before that NO.
  5. I see what you mean, but do you really think your kids won't smoke before they're 18? Wouldn't you rather be the first to teach them. At least for safety. I want my kid to know where, when, and with who it's cool to smoke.

  6. If I found they're smoking I wouldn't go nuts but I'd explain it's my house and my rules. If they're 16 (given my history) I'd feel a little like a hypocrite if I melted down on them so to be honest.. not sure what I'd do.

    -- Disclaimer.. I'm single and currently don't have any kids so it's just my $.02
  7. I smoked with my parents and We have been closer ever since.
  8. lol. Yea It would be awkward to smoke with my parents too. I just try to avoid it at all cost.
  9. Smoked mad blunts with mah moms...I just pinch my dads shit. he knows and shit, but he won't say shit.

    I'll blaze with him someday though.
  10. dont think ill ever smoke with my son. there are just parent boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.
  11. I smoke with my mom, and would gladly smoke with my children when they are at the right age/maturity levels. I would definitly rather myself introduce it to them then one of their friends or dealers or some random person!
  12. Smoked with my mom, it was a really beautiful experience, for the first time in my 19 years of existence did I actually get to see my mom as who she really is. And she hogged the blunt despite being anti MJ!

    As soon as I find a hookup ima smoke with my dad too.
  13. i would love to smoke with my dad, but my mom never will so i don't even think about it. but i plan on convincing my mom to eat some edibles sometime
  14. I smoked with my Mam once, that was kinda surreal at first then it got totally cool. I'm not sure about my kids. I probably would, but only if they were already doing it. Like some of you have said, I wouldn't push it on them or anything. What I would do is tell them that it's cool and they can tell me anything about it, without actually encouraging them to take drugs. Meanwhile though, as I'm not a parent yet, I won't think about it because it's making my head hurt :)
  15. I've smoked with my dad and it was a pretty cool bonding experience. I'd smoke with my kids as long as they were old enough (in my estimation) and well-adjusted.
  16. I'd love to smoke with my parents. I'm gonna smoke with my kids for sure
  17. I'd smoke with my kids, starting at 15 or 16. I'd rather have them smoke with me, than go out to the slums and get ripped off and shit by people, with what will be my money anyways.
  18. Eh, my dad's a cop and my mom annoys the hell outta me. When I have kids though (if I ever find a hooker that'll actually NOT kill my baby for me.... JK smiles I'll need a wife) I'd want them to safely experiment with me in my house so they're safe and well informed to the actual dangers of soft drugs.

  19. Yea growing up all I heard was not to smoke weed and shit, but now I smoke on regular basis with my father and occasionally my mother. And yes I would smoke with my kids Weed is good for you there is nothing negative about it unless you are using it for an excuse to do nothing productive with your life.
  20. I have and I will

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