Would You Smoke With A Muslim? Question To Athirst

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  1. Being a Muslim, I'm not talking about sins and good deeds, As I believe that everyone is entitled to their own relationship with Allah (God). But at the same time, I'm a ganja smoker, in Islam, all intoxicants are declared haram. In my perception I view weed as a plant, that when lit on fire, there are effects gonna happen. But seriously speaking, in Islam, Muslim scholars agree that hashish is a "Khamr" in a solid form. Although in its pure form it is considered sacred,
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    i'll smoke with anyone thats cool with me, i don't care about their religious views, unless their trying to push them on me, then i just don't hang out with them period
  3. I do it all the time. One of my friends comes from a muslim family, and they are always great to hang out with. Friendly people, good food and nice stories.
  4. I have lots of good muslim friends, unfortunately the fucking arabs give them a bad name.  They've been a horrendous violent people far before they were muslim, but the current events paint them all under the same spectrum.  Truly fucked.
  5. I smoked with Arab a few times, I don't think he followed the Muslim religion but his dad did I believe although I never met his dad since he took off after Arab was born. :cool:
  6. Lol how can you say that about Arabs? Arabs are the cousins of Jewish through Prophet Ibraheem, Arabs = Ismail , Jews = Isaac. Ismail was submissive, and Isaac is intelligent. We all know and it's not a secret, Jews are smart lol. Who do you think is brainwashing everyone? for someone to beckme president of USA you need the vote of jews, and so thats where the mankind power is, in the media controlled by jews. We see that Arabs are submissive beings to allah that's why we bow our head to the ground just as all the other prophets Adam Jesus Moses Ibraheem Solomon pbuh,

    I invite you to come to my country Oman in the Middle East, and I am sure I can change your opinion about us "fucking" Arabs :) we also get good mellow hash for bare cheap so you its all afghan dreams :smoke:

    Judaism is made for Jews only, you have to be born a Jew to be a Jew
    But Islam is Judaism on a worldwide scale. :)
  7. I would smoke with a Muslim. After reading your posts I wouldn't smoke with you though.
  8. Believing any religion is people's own choice. It is not in our rights to judge people what they choose to believe. If we start doing that we will become racists. As long as the people i am smoking with is not acting crazy or weird , i don't mind what they believe.
  9. The muslims I've smoked with all used some kind of scented oil as part of their religion, transferred from their fingers to the joint and made it taste horrible. Then I found out that some of them don't even use toilet paper and ...yea. I'll still smoke with them, but I'll light 2 joints and pass one.
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    That's not what racism means ^
    You mean bigots.
    Edit: Two posts up, guy snuck in there while I was making a post. :(
  11. Dude i would smoke with a alien why would it matter wot god someone believes in ?
  12. Is the muslim a prick? No? Then all right. :smoke:
  13. I'm agnostic and I've smoked with lots of Muslims.
  14. Are you serious?
  15. I'd smoke with any religious person as long as they don't push down my throat their beliefs.
  16. Yeah...........if whatever muslim i'm smoking with starts spouting off this i would take my weed and leave.
  17. I could smoke with anyone as long as they're cool while I'm smoking with them...
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    I love Muslims haha. I would and have smoked with some and it is always fun to read the Qur'an with them and discuss how many different interpretations are possible. My college honors English teacher for the past 2 semesters is a native Turkish Muslim and she is one of the coolest people in existance; a very, very, vulgar and loud old wine drinking (box wine) woman lol.
    Edit: And about that hash being sacred thing I would like to know more!!! I haven't actually heard about this yet.
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    i dont give a fuck.....wanna smoke? i have smoked with many muslims

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