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Would you smoke weed if you got hangovers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Veggietales, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. People still drink even though it gives them hangovers the next day.

    My question is, would you still smoke weed if it gave you a hangover just like alcohol.

    The higher/more you smoke, the worse the hangover would be
  2. Hell to tha no.
  3. yep, but thankfully we don't need to worry about that. however with edibles, they can give you a sort of hungover feeling the next day if you got super duper high

  4. Same, yet I still drink alcohol lol.
  5. Of course not. That sounds terrible. I don't get hangovers from alcohol. If I did, I'd stop drinking too.
  6. Well, I don't puke from it, and it doesn't taste like shit. So yeah

    But not as much as I would nowadays, oh well.
  7. I don't drink because I hate how it makes me feel (and other health-related reasons, but meh). If weed did the same thing, what would be the point?
  8. Probably. But not as often, like how I am
    With alcohol.

    I'd probably smoke just on the weekends a couple
  9. Ah...I see what you did there. -.-

    I would still do it, but prolly not as often. Thank god that doesn't exist! :smoke:
  10. prolly not, and if i did it would be getting super ripped
  11. No. I don't think I like the effects and longevity of marijuana to suffer for it later.
    Alcohol, I can be fucked up for 8 hours and totally worth it.
  12. I'd smoke less. I currently smoke every day and drink once in a blue moon. If I got a hang over from weed I'd prob only smoke at parties
  13. Yes, but not nearly as often.
  14. About as often as I drink alcohol. Which would be once a week ish.

    Although I rarely get drunk. Beer or wine or some liquor here and there. Belvedere vodka-tonic with a splash of lime ... mmmm
  15. I remember getting an upset stomach in the morning from a few too many munchies. So of course I smoked another bowl :bongin:
  16. Nope, not nearly as often as I do.
  17. I would, but definitely not as often. I'd probably blaze as much as I drink.
  18. Hell nah I'd be yacking 24/7
  19. Not worth it

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