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Would you smoke this regularly?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TwztedElegance, May 26, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]



    ...would you smoke this at the price i got it for? i paid about $10 for ALL the weed in the 1st pic. and would you call it mids or schwag?

    you have to get rid of the stems and seeds first, then grind it up and fill up the bowl. i find it gets me decently high after 1-2 bowls and doesn't taste too bad. absolutely no dank available in my area, all the farmers here just grow weed in the wild and don't bother with it. i'm from India.
  2. Straight up schwag, i wouldn't wanna smoke that i love tha dank soo much. specially seing how im in Cali :smoking::smoking:
  3. I'd call it schwag, but that's a ton of weed for ten bucks. It will make you high without making you broke.
  4. Id invest in a vaporizer/ make cannabutter with that if I had to smoke it regularly. Dont know what India laws are like but it seems like you could take the seeds from that and grow them with a little more attention and get some much better product.
  5. smoke that in blunts and joints. that's what me and my boys call "dirt".
  6. That makes me feel sick just thinking of smoking that
  7. schwag.
    id smoke joints and blunts on occasion but seeing as how youre in india, youre much better off buying some hash.

  8. Used to smoke the hell out of shit like that in the '70s up in Montana. If that's all you can get then knock yourself out.

    Sounds like if you were to grow yourself there'd be a pretty good market for some dank.
  9. Hell yeah, I'd smoke that regularly if I could get all that for $10!
  10. i hate getting bud like that. i feel cheated but usually u get more of that shit for the price. but in your case, beggars can't be choosers. either deal or try to meet new people in the game.
  11. yea so for what 50,000rupees you can get that? fuck i paid like 25000 rupees for a fuckin hash joint that wasn't that bad..but yea to be on topic..its shwaggity shwag.. i wouldn't smoke outa bong or a pipe, only joints and flavored blunts
  12. #12 TwztedElegance, May 26, 2010
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    lol, more like 500 rupees =~ $10.

    i'm a pretty newb smoker and i've never smoked hash, plus the hash you get around here varies a LOT even with the same dealer. sometimes you get excellent stuff and sometimes its just plain nasty and adulterated. i think i'm gonna try some hash out though.

    any particular reason why you wouldn't smoke this out of a pipe? it doesn't taste too bad. i used to roll joints with this stuff but 1-2 joints would pretty much do nothing except get me buzzed whereas 1-2 bowls gets me pretty stoned.

    trust me, there's practically nobody here that actually homegrows and sells out good weed. you can get really good weed up in north india but around big cities, this is the best you can get AFAIK. i'm just here for a little more than 2 months so i'm not really gonna get into the growing thing.

  13. THIS! Hash will fuck you up! :smoking: :smoking:
  14. That is disturbingly bad weed. I would not ingest that. But I have the same packet of those pipe screens.
  15. Ewwwwwww

    If your in india buy hash your country is known for some of the best hash. That weed is just gross
  16. #16 TwztedElegance, May 26, 2010
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    yeahhh, after looking at the dank on this site i don't really feel like smoking that stuff either but nothing better is available around here (there's much worse than this stuff i have that people sell though, if you can believe that haha)

    might go check some hash out. i also know where i can get some charas which is hand-made hash or something.

    this stuff isn't like crumbly dry either. kinda sticky.
  17. Looks like someone stomped on that bud repeatedly. And then wiped their booty with it. :wave:

  18. Why the hell is it shiny? :confused:
  19. that's probably coz of transporting it lol, stomp on it and stuff it into packets
  20. wow, it looks like it was dug up from a grave.

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