Would you smoke canabis leaf cigs?

Discussion in 'General' started by 93TheHitStick, May 12, 2011.

  1. Just came up with this idea last night. No bud but i had a shitload of trimmed leaves from a plant pre flowering btw. So we decided to roll a pack of backwoods. 8 super fat blunts but with only leaf in it. Smoked them all. It was actually a really nice smoke. The couple of joints we rolled did smoke better but the blunts were pretty smooth too. And yes it does get you high. Doesn't get you like fucked up stupid high. But it gives you at least a buzz. And if you smoke more you can get high. Like we were buzzing after one backwood. Between the two of us. We smoked them all on the balcony i went and sat down then it hit me harder. More of a heady high but that could be because the plants are all medical.

    I think these would be a good alternative to cigs if weed was made legal. And to all the people who grow and have a butload of trim i suggest you try these too.

    I know you guys are like: But why would i smoke that if i could just smoke bud? Because it doesn't get you as high as bud does so its good if you love a nice buzz everywhere you go. I know i do. Also nice if you just like to smoke.
  2. man trust me i always smoke leaves when i'm dry on bud and it DOES give you a nice buzz.... but sometimes it gives you a massive headache!!
  3. I think that could be strain dependent. I remember in the fall my dealer threw in a bag of ground up leaves covered in trichs. I tried smoking them but they weren't worth the smoke at all. Like 5 fucking bowls i couldn't feel shit. And like you said all i got was a headache. I ended up trying to make qwiso and fucking that up too. But with this strain its like the smoothest smoke ever. And yea it gave me a great buzz. So i think that if you did a little experimenting with what strain you used this would definetly be worth it. Imagine just going into the gas station and saying " pack of marijuana 100s please" I really hope someone brings this idea to life.
  4. And why exactly would you be facepalming?
  5. I don't smoke tobacco..... so if I ran out of bud, yeah, I'd smoke leaves for the sake of smoking something.

    Haven't done it in a really long time. From what I remember, it wasn't too harsh or bad tasting, but didn't really get you high. maybe a slight headchange. or if you have a lower tolerance, it might just do the trick completely.

    Can't believe you smoked 8 blunts of the stuff, though. That would cause some headache personally.
  6. Lol me and my bff just chillin. Thats how we do lol. Plus it was a nice experiment. And yea it wont get you high unless you smoke a lot of it. I smoked A LOT and my tolerance isn't as high as it used to be because i have been smoking less. And i still would have gotten higher from like 2 bowls of dank.
  7. reminds me of the time i had like, a shit ton of fat ass weed stems,and grinded them all up and smoked them to see if it would do anything for me since i was dry at the time.

    to my surprise,it gave me a lil bit ofa head high,but the smoke was really sour if i recall correctly and it ended up giving me a headache in the end also.

    but hey, A+ for experimenting my friend. and at what not a better time, then when your dry on weed
  8. No i never try these things who are not goonot good for the health or its lost your mentally strength........
  9. Your not the first person to do this. Has been done for thousands of years. But yeah i like smoking leaves. Fan leaves or sugar leaves. its all good.
  10. i think that was unwarranted..
  11. Lol i realize i am not the first one to do this. Just wanted to tell everyone about it. Because i remember i asked a question a while ago asking if i could smoke the trim off of these same plants. Or any other part without harming the plant. Got like 3 pages of flame telling me i was a retard for even thinking it was possible. Then i tried it and it worked.

    Also i don't think anyone has come up with that cig idea. Like just smoking them like regular cigs instead of smoking bud. Would be nice to keep you buzzed all day without wasting weed or getting super high.
  12. I thought of the cig idea when i yeilded my first harvest three years ago. I was smoking them just for the sake of smoking. sort of became a habbit like tabaco. Like if i had to go to work and i wanted to have a smoke and not super high i can just roll up a 2 skin of leaf. It is better than smoking tabaco.

    Sometimes i even smoke it in my bong
  13. I dont think i would smoke 8 blunts of it seems a little too much for a buzz but yeah i'd smoke some leaves if i have too... every joint we roll has a good portion of leaves in it anyway.
  14. I'm fucking WRECKED off of 1 bowl of good shit and usually very high off of 1-2 hits of anything. Love being a lightweight... the trims would probably get me high easily.
  15. Yea you get the idea. Nice for all us potheads who just want a buzz.
  16. I rather just make cannabutter with trimmings and smoke joints with .. uh .. bud ... :p

  17. why exactly did you roll up several weed leaf blunts...?
  18. 420 Longs. step ur pre-roll game up, son. :smoke:
  19. Because i wanted to try it out... and it worked. Don't know why you would even ask that when i explained everything in the first post.

    I'm assuming you are trying to say its a dumb idea? Well thats your opinion. If you already smoke there is no problem with that. Infact it is a lot healthier then cigarettes. I like to think of it as puffin on a nice weed cigar. You just wouldn't understand.

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