Would you share your weed with a stranger?

Discussion in 'General' started by fragyn, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. I think for a lot of people it would depend whether they're sober or high. So, would you share your weed while ur sober? How about high?
  2. I've smoked out strangers, but usually to repay them for helping me out or whatever... last year this one dude picked up a case of water bottles I dropped (cuz I was one-tripping it from the grocery store), and we smoked a bowl in my apt afterwards.

    Some bum on the street, nah.

    I would rather smoke with friends than by myself though.
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  3. I've done it dozens of times lol I love getting people high! Went to ZombieWalk in my city 3 years ago and dude and i behind me in line for makeup and shit started talking, then we smoked under a walking bridge and in a parking lot haha. My favorite time sharing with a stranger.
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    hell no I only smoke with family & friends I already know. I have to chill with someone a long time before I smoke with them.
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  5. No.
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  6. Been there, done that. Smalltalk is sometimes hard to come by with strangers who are high as me though.
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  7. Why no? I always try to spread the love when I can. I'm currently facing financial issues so I can't smoke out strangers on a daily basis, but the selfish mentality that "it's all for me" is just pure greed. When I have more than enough, I always tend to share. I guess some people are programmed differently than others. This silly question has the power to reflect some of your values. Anyways, I would love for you to elaborate on why it's a "no".
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  8. Definitely shared my weed with people I just met, that's how you make friends am I right.
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  9. Yeah, most people can relate to small talk, but not when it comes to philosophical matters or just complex abstract concepts in general. It can feel like you're talking to yourself at times.
  10. Heck yeah ! :love-m3j::love-m3j:
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  11. Randumb dickweeds on the street don't share with me. Some kid asked me to buy him a wrap and feeling generous, I said sure, I come back, give it to him and not so much as a thank you.
    I learn from my mistakes, thanks.

    It's great some other folks have the zippidy doo dah outlook on sharing, but that's not for me.
  12. Lol, ok. I just try to be nice and generous to everyone. The guy who didn't say as much as thank you might have been going through some bad times and rough patches...We've all been there, we've all been cranky and irritable at some points in our time. It's only human to be cranky at times, otherwise you might be an anomaly. That being said, I still respect your opinion. Thanks for the response, pal. :) :smoking:
  13. Why not?!? I've had friends of friends smoke me out the first time they met me and chilled and I have done the same thing. If we are hanging out pregaming, partying or just chilling, I have no problem doing it.

    Now if you are talking about randomly walking down the street and someone out of the blue just asks you to pass the blunt....then hell no.

    EDIT: I take that last part back. My friend and I did let some random stranger take a few hits when we were clubbing out in Canada hahaha. He was mad chill though.
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  14. Sure why not? Spread the love man :passtheshit:
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  15. Some people treat weed like it's heroin. some people treat weed like it's grass. and others treat it like a plant that gets us high.
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  16. Sure, I've done it numerous times. Made some friends that way, also a good way to find more connections. Bud is love, and if you're not spreading the love why are you even smoking;)

    But enough of that gay shit, let's just smoke some weed:toke:
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  17. If you're in my house, i'm hooking you up no question. I don't really take bud with me in public so def not sharing with any randos on the street.

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