Would you sell you soul to the devil to get whatever you want?

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    Would you?

    If he existed that would mean hell exists to, and he owns your soul when you die.

    So would it be worth it?
  2. What if theres no soul?
  3. Okay, If souls existed to.
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    uhhh... honestly that is kinda hard.

    But i think eternal pain is worse than a human life span of pleasure.

    I think id buy back my soul before i die :D
  5. Could I sell my soul to be ascended into heaven just like Jesus and Mary did?

    Cause this way, i win. :cool:

    Or id sell it to be the devils right hand man, thatd be cool too.
  6. Of course, I'd have everything I wanted in my life.

    When I die - I get to go to hell, see all my friends, family, cool mother fuckers from history. If I went to heaven, I'd be up there with a bunch of snobby douche bag christian's. Fuck that.
  7. >>Implying that if religion was true, it would be christianity :rolleyes:
  8. I would sell him mine for 40 billion dollars. Would def be worth it
  9. Nope. I like my life/soul just the way it is- mine :smoke:
  10. But seriously..

    Probably not, and if God were real too he'd probably see me denying the devil and reward me with a life of riches.. AND a vip heavenly pass
  11. That would seem counter productive to me...

  12. what would you do?
  13. LOL yes.
  14. Like whatever I want it will magically appear or he give's me a lump sum in return for a binding contract? I need all the details before i can make a choice.
  15. whats 'positive' mean here?
  16. Well that is the whole point of the original post isn't it? heaven or hell - a christian based myth. ( dont know if any other religions believe in hell, because i don't believe in them anyway) Unless I'm missing something. :ey:
  17. This life is just a proving ground, good karma is what you need...god bless

  18. No refunds.

    I already sold my soul for a slim jim, I was hungry.

  19. Actually my intention was to see if how you guys would perceive "the devil". Not one of you ever questioned the possibility that "the devil" could be the positive entity, and that "god" could be the negative.
  20. but if the devil was the positive entity why not just call him god?

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