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Would you really want it legal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Billy B. Bacon, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Have you ever thought about if it would really be good for weed to be legal? Sure it would be cheaper and you could smoke it freely, but it just woulden't be as fun
  2. yes it would
  3. Yes getting put in jail for smoking dee herb is fun.
  4. duuuuuumb!!of course it would be fun still!!!!!you think its only fun cuz its illegal?
  5. sure its fun being fucked in the ass in prison, i really look forward to that.... i guess me and everyone else made are point!
  6. I don't understand people who like the fact that it's legal, and like to try and hide it. It would make so much more sense for the government to legalize pot, because you'd still have to be of legal age to buy it, and the kids that like to run from the cops while smoking a joint can still get their rush, because it woul never be legal for under aged people.
  7. I just want to be able to smoke in my home without risk of prison time. I really don't like smoking anywhere but my home.
  8. i've read a study bysome real cool people that know alot of shit. Now somewhere the government did a study about legalizing pot. these are the reasons for not legalizing pot. #1 there is now way to traffic marj. to tax it properly because there is so much non legal transportation.
    #2the taxation would be almost impossiable to regulate
    on personal note (when you would buy a legalized bag of pot w/t taxation a dime bag would be 22.95. and a QP would be around 1,200.45.) this is based on the taxes that would be the same as tabacco and the new taxation figure implemeted on jan.1 2004.{ the time is set for 2004, because if we but the bill in today. it would take that long. would you want that to happen?
  9. bullshit, they just need to decriminalize it and let everyone grow their own
  10. Hell ya LEGALIZE it.
    Just imagine everyone stoned, that would so great

  11. 1- non legal trasportation of bud would be nonexistant if it was legal, for obvious reasons

    2- a dime bag costs the grower maybe a 50c to a buck, if that.. if bud was grown legally and on a large enough scale, the cost would be reduced to pennies, or even fractions of pennies.. remember that illegality DRAMATICALLY inflates prices, artificially. regulated bud would be much, much cheaper, no matter how stingy the govenment/growers decided to get
  12. not to mention the product would most likely be sold from private corporations and taxed by the government. Of course, i doubt the price will be very cheap, but expect to see different prices. Like cigarettes, itll be like 5-10 for a pack of 20 joints, prolly using mids and maybe more expensive ones using dro. Of course, we can't tell what it'll be like, but itll be all good.
  13. I think it should be just left alone dont worry about it anymore just leave us smokers alone we dont bother no one what im trying to say is lighten up on weed and start busting the people that mess with all the hard drugs they are the ones that need to be attended too
  14. We should really focus on the hard drugs, those are what are ruining our society. People don't go crazy and get violent when high, hard drugs and our legal alcohol does that. If anything, weed would make our life much better and much safer!
  15. sorry, but i dont get why one drug is so evil while another should be legalized.. i think they call that hypocrisy. drug use should be a personal decision, whether its caffiene or heroin.. instead of wasting money enforcing the prohibition of hard drugs, why not instead offer better facilities for the addicted and leave responsible users alone? no pile of powder is in itself bad, no matter what it does.. however, problems may come from its use, or more commonly, abuse.
  16. Well, marijuana isn't physically addictive and most of all won't kill you. But I agree, I think that drugs should be legal. What you do with your life is your decision. Sure, back in 1900 people were addicted to cocaine and morphine, but that wasn't a major problem like all the crime now. Then again, a guy on PCP running around town isn't a good idea. Punish those who abuse the privalege, not those who enjoy it.
  17. also, if heroin was made legal the rate of ODs would be comparable to aspirin, alchohol, and other legal drugs.. fluctuating quality is probably the #1 cause of heroin overdoses
  18. 80% of all arrests are from domestic violence and small drug offenses. think about that.
  19. I really dont believe that unless your talking about hard drugs not weed and if you think that true prove it
  20. I also believe that all drugs should be legalized (in some manner not full blown drug doing freedom). If that's what you're saying Phil. I even debated it in school and won!

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