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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NuBBiN, Aug 25, 2002.

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  1. ...ok Ill start off with the ones I said in another post...

    Would you rather have clitoris lips or penis fingers?

    Would you rather have a peehole for a mouth, or two anus\'s for nostrals? (\"heyyyy!! I smell shit!\")

    Would you rather have testicles dangling from your chin?...or nipples for ears?

    THESE ARE SERIOUSE QUESTIONS PEOPLE!..ANSWER INCORRECTLY AND YOU DIE!....please feel free to add on to this....(why do I still get the giggles when im really stoned?)
  2. How about...

    ..would you rather have a banana for a penis...or a cantelope with a hole poked in it for a vagina?

    Would you rather have a toung coming out of your armpit, or breasts for legs?
  3. would you rather sweat chunky peanut butter....or sneaze mayonaise?
  4. Would you rather have farts that sound like baby cries, or burps that sound like really greasy farts?

    would you rather have another human being constantly trying to escape out of your asshole? or a million dollars?
  5. would you rather have your body constantly emit a scent which drove people to punch you....or would you rather have a reversed digestive tract(eat with your ass..poop with your mouth)
  6. Hmmmmmm...........if I had penis fingers then I wouldnt need a man at all. And I would never have to worry about getting pregnant because my new fingers couldnt ejaculate. Oh, another thing, I would never have to worry about my fingers having a problem getting it up. And I\'d save alot of money on sex toys. I could be my own personal sex slave!!!!! LOL.
  7. yeah..but...your lips would be a clit..A CLIT!..YOU COULD KISS ANYONE AND GET OFF!..HOW HOT IS THAT!?!?WRONG ANSWER! YOU LOSE!
  8. *raises hand*
  9. If I would get off everytime I kissed someone, I would be in heaven. LOL. Does that mean even if I kissed an inanimate object like the mirror or when I blotted my lipstick that I could orgasm. That would be the life. LOL. And just think, when I was kissing the person, if they used their tongue......I could orgasm for hours. LMFAO!!!! That wouldnt be such a bad thing..........or maybe I\'ve smoked and drank a little too much.
  10. i didnt think you could orgasm from merely touching the clit.
  11. well please consider the benefits of blowjobs with a nice new pair ofclit lips..they\'d be all the rage...imagine..woman actually wanting to give oral sex...hot dawg!
  12. would you rather cry malted milk balls from your eyes, or immediately shit your pants when someone introduced themseleves to you for the first time?
  13. ok..im all tapped out..i need to replenish my state of fucked upness..alkyhole it is!..TARTY TAR TAR! for te time being...add more shit to this list! i cant rule the world alone people!
  14. forgive the slowness of my reply, i was emailing my favorite ex......

    would your rather ejaculate shit, or throw up syrup when ronald mcdonal takes a dump on that purple thing.....WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT ANYWAY?!
  15. Would you rather have a vibrating dildo for a nose or a pocket pussy for a belly button?
  16. GOODNIGHT, I AM OFF TO BED, TO DREAM OF WARM MAYONAISE AND WET CRACKERS.........oh yeah, and big fat gigantic bowls of the dankest orangest bud the world has ever known......OH SHIT...MY HIGHGROW PLANTS!!!
  17. Ok, last one for the night............

    Would you rather have a conjoined twin that was obsessed and constantly screwing elephants or a body covered with nasty sores that constantly drain greenish foul smelling vomit?

    Its way past my bedtime now.......I\'m getting old so I think I need more sleep than I used to. LOL.

  18. Yeah right, we all know that you really went to whack it. You don\'t have to lie to kick it Norm ;)
  19. no no, lifting weights is my go to bed thing, and \"whacking it\" is my wake up routine.....well....when i just feel like it.....which after almost 8 futher mucking months....is just about every three days or so........OK NOW IM SURE I AAMM SHARING TOO MUCH WITHYALL.
  20. yes...too much again norm..you sick fuck
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