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Discussion in 'General' started by stoner4life420, May 14, 2010.

  1. Would you rather be permanently high for the rest of your life, or never be able to get high ever again?
  2. Permanetly high. Wait off of what?
  3. obviously be high all the time! :hippie:
  4. Wtffff stay lit forever.
  5. how high would i be
  6. are you saying continuously getting high over and over again? or one super long awesome high that doesn't burn out?

    either way - high.
  7. I'd be fun at first then it would just get old to be high that long. But then I suppose being sober would be too.
  8. as long as i dont have to pay for all the weed.
  9. I'm just asking- do literally none of you have any intellectual ambition? Or do you think you can really be on your "A game" while completely blasted?

    I have my own problems, I'm not judging. And I get that this is just kind of a fun thread. But, to me, it's kind of sad to see how important pot is to a lot of people. The more I think honestly about my experiences with marijuana over the years and the people who use it, I don't know if it's a culture I want to be associated with. A lot of nobodies waxing poetic about the universe and so on, and not so many people actually accomplishing things that I respect.

    I don't know. :confused:

    Just thinking out loud here, not trying to talk shit or be mean-spirited. Tryin' to work this all out for myself...

    Sorry for the random rant. Just something that sprung into mind.
  10. I cant drive well high, and I love cars.

    So I say never high again. plus I wont have permanent munchies and gain weight
  11. being high for the rest of my life would suck...but i'd still do it :D
  12. idk eventually being high all the time would be the new sober.
  13. I'd definitely take not ever being able to get high again. Weed's just not that important to me, it does a lot for me n it's fun n shit but I just can't think and act on the same level that I can sober. So I don't like to be high all the time. Just to relax or w/e. I mean I'm currently in the process of cutting back drastically. I've only picked up a single bag this week, which is crazy since it's almost friday... Hahah.

  14. Well exactly thats where there's a fine line

    for me my motto has always been if I could be high 24/7 I'd remain in my prime

    because im more focused and on point but still so chill that its a perfect balance ' I'm better in all ways even at soccer because I'm a lot more focused and determined I just feel stronger ya kno

    but it would depend specifically on the sativa indica dominance because sativa high hell yeah but never indica then i'd be a bum

    but yeah I get what you're saying most just look at it in the simple way which is life would be better if you were always high than if you never were again

    haha exactly ' you'd get used to it so you'd become sober '

    but i guess he means more like the high feeling and that feeling always remaining
  15. I would rather be sober forever than high forever.
  16. I think if I was high for too long it would feel like I'm a sober and I'd have to find a "higher high" so neither.
  17. ide rather never be high. i am not a productive stoner, and being stoned all the time, first of all it would just get boring as fuck, and i would always want to sober up a little bit, and i dunno i always found smoking to be a nice treat after ive accomplished shit
  18. As long as it wasnt a stoney INDICA K.O. weed

    I wouldnt mind being high all the time on some haze, hd vision

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