would you rather have an ounce of mids or an eigth of some danky dank

Discussion in 'General' started by beefybud, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. which one would you rather have?
  2. I'd take the ounce.
  3. The ounce.

    I can actually get the ounce cheaper then the 1/8th
    1 OZ brick mids=$40
    1/8th cali grade dank=$50
  4. Dank, you never remember the normal smoke everyday smoke, but some real good stuff it's a treat I couldn't pass up. Quality over quantity in my opinion.
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    eighth of high grade here 30-50
    ounce of mids ATLEAST 120 prob to 150

    with that said, i didnt even consider this question when reading. ounce no problem.
  6. mids

    with a vape, its an easy decision ;)
  7. I get free middies so that wouldn't bother me...but if I see some skunky stuff I never pass it up....always quality before quantity always
  8. If it were a quarter of dank, then I would choose that. But not when you get 8x the weed. Dank is not 8x as potent as mids.
  9. yeah id have no problem takin the mids and rollin like 20 fat blunts.
    the eighth might get you gone for a week or so but the zip'll last for quite a bit longer. plus, u can always flip some of it.
  10. eighth of a VERY VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF STRAINS (and they would have to be an EIGHTH FROM THE GROWER)

    but id probably do a quarter of what most people would consider dank.
  11. Ounce.

    (Sell the ounce, get dank cheap)
  12. ounce for sure.
  13. Well, I am all for dank but the mids would last you longer I suppose...so just go with the mids. Is it like shitty mids or high mids?
  14. mids for sure. its could be the dankest of the dank its still not going to get you as high as 8x that amount.
  15. If your mids are what I consider mids, I would most definitely take the ounce.
  16. I'd much rather take a bomb high than burn out quickly from a mids high.
  17. How could anyone take an 8er over an ounce I mean I';m drunk as fuck but even I can reason ounce over an 8...I'd take an 8er over a quad but thats not the question so yea
  18. I like exotic strains so I'll take the exotic eighth. You can get mids anytime.

    Eighth of Chocolope please..
  19. The dank needs to be around one half the amount for me to consider something like this. Yeah, dank's high is better, but I'd smoke through it in a weekend and be dry again.
  20. I'm a fiend for the sticky icky. Quality over quantity always. Plus I doubt those mids would get me high...my tolerance is ridiculous at the moment.

    Pass that eighth my way!

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