'Would you rather..' game

Discussion in 'General' started by collie_man, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. This game is simple. Say a 'would you rather..' scenario, the next poster then answers your would you rather, and then presents another scenario.

    I'll start.

    Would you rather be kicked in the face by a horse, or take a free shot from mike tyson to the face (no gloves)??
  2. horse

    cause then i could smack it with a club and it won't fight back :p

    . . . . get eaten by a dinosuar or get attacked by killer bees
  3. Bees.............

    Would you rather fuck Bea Arthur or Estelle Getty?
  4. attacked by killer bees, I suppose - the point being, attacked instead of eaten.

    edit - ninja'd. Who the fuck are those people??? I'll go with Bea Arthur. fuckin hope it aint a guy.
    would you rather be known by everyone in the world, a huge celebrity, or known by nobody?
  5. Everybody... if nobody knew you that means no family or friends :(

    Would you rather pay 250,000$ or spend a year in jail?
  6. probably know everybody. then i could get the best hookups ever! lol :smoking:

    Would you rather have a ketchup-squirting nose, or a pencil-sharpening nose?
  7. spend a year in jail.

    would you rather stick a dirty needle in your arm or eat enriched uranium?
  8. eat the uranium, might get some super powers.
    would you rather...
    start a thread in this forum that is a repeat of an old thread, or use the search function.
  9. Personally it depends on how old and out of date the other one is. Sometimes making a repeat is a good thing because new members like to see new posts. People's opinions and ideas change and sometimes old posts need to be repeated and updated.

    Would you rather...
    Swim in a pool of dog poop for 10 minutes, or Shit your pants every day for a week.
  10. repeat an old thread lol

    would you rather have your mum catch u whacking off or your gran
  11. Quite honestly, I searched the thread for "Would you Rather", because I'd thought I'd seen a thread like this before, surprisingly nothing came up:wave:
  12. would you rather eat shit or die???
  13. one at a time, wait for someone to answer the newest one

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