Would you rather die high or sober

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  1. my friend and and I are debating weather or not you would want to die being high or sober. Honestly I cant pick
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  2. High lol 100% fuck dying sober :confused_2:
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  3. Turn the ? around.
    Would you rather know you died from being high or sober?
  4. I would rather die in my sleep. If I'm awake and painless I would want to be sober enjoying my last few minutes with loved ones.
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  5. I'd rather avoid it altogether. vil-surveille.gif
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  6. if i had to, then high, im pretty sure it wouldnt be as bad. you might get a few chuckles out of me then.
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  7. Don't care
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  8. you wouldn't be able to describe the too since every thing already In fluid motion you wouldn't be able to have a borderline conscious between any the two so basically your asking have you ever smoke in your dream then asking to do hi or sober
  9. It depends on what you consider dying to be. If you consider dying to be the ceasing of any and all things meaning nothing exist then I would say I'd rather not do that at all. If you consider death to be the passage from one form into another weather that be spirit, ghost, another dimension, heaven etc.. I'd .. still rather not do either :p
  10. high, without question...and most people would as well...its why doctors will give people dying from cancer the strongest pain killers while theyre dying, yeah it does kill the pain for them but it also fucks them up proper....i watched a documentary about religious family members not allowing the doctors to do that and i thought it was fucked up

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