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Would you rather break up your weed by hand or grinder?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by InhaleExhale716, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Reason I'm asking is i think grinding weed makes it less potent because you're knocking trichomes off and kief but its not a waste of bud where as breaking it up with your hands is the exact opposite.
  2. I use a grinder that doesn't have a keif catch. so it all just stays in the bud rather than getting separated.
    So you believe that if you smoked two bowls of the same weed, one broken up by hand, and one ground up in a grinder, you can tell the difference?
    Because if you say yes, I say you're full of it. Lol...
  4. I'm kinda half and half on that but to each their own idc... Wasn't even wanting to know that just my main question was best way to get the most out of your weed?? Grinder is going to break it up finer than your hands in my opinion.
    Grinding is defintiely better because it exposes more surface area of the bud to your heat source.
  6. As long as I can smoke it it don't matter much
  7. I believe I could tell the difference,but not for strength . I think weed in a grinder has less taste and odour,I like the smell as I crumble weed by hand for spliff but use the grinder for the vape, the kief,I collect and throw in with my hash but then thats me for me! Peace
  8. I grind my bud so that when I light it up it smokes consistently. If you crush up the bud, you get inconsistent hot spots and it doesn't burn evenly. I use a 4pc grinder, with the kief catcher. After about a zip grinded through it, I have a generous amount of kief to top bowls with or whatever else. There's nothing "lost" when using a grinder. I can scrape out my grinder (in dry times) and get every last speck of matter out from it...anything leftover. So it's all consumed. When I crush weed, aside from the inconsistent burn, I frequently have unburnt floaters sitting in the water that pulled through as unburnt chunks. Waste of bud.
  9. I feel like I lose more when I break up by hand. It sticks to my fingers and doesn't always fall in a central area when I break up over a table or whatever. I like grinding mostly because it makes the bowl burn sooo much smoother
  10. I use a grinder
    UK based here, never in my life seen someone CHOOSE to pick it.... seen people be upset they forgot theyre grinders and use hands but thats about it
    Grinding means better ground weed (obvs) and using hands youd cover your hands in kief picking it... even without a kief catcher you can easily get kief out of a grinder, i did it three nights ago using a pen knife (the pros would make some kind of iso/oil out of it)
    I cannot understand why anyone would rather pick by hand... unless it was some hippy ritual shit of being closer to the herb haha
  11. Grinder because kief catcher + easier.

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  12. I use scissors or a grinder, hate having to break it up by hand. I like scissors the best because you can really inspect the buds while you're breaking it up and its still a consistent texture like a grinder.
  13. Trichomes bond to the oil on your fingers when breaking it up by hand. There is not a noticeable difference between grinding/breaking methods, one just collects kief. That being said, my grinder began flaking so I use a nickel in a pill bottle and shake it up. The bottle gets nice and kiefy too.
  14. I've always preferred the consistency of a finger bust.  Plus you aren't robbing all the trichs.
  15. Grinder, was tired of getting resin all over my fingers.
  16. yea if its good shit i feel like im losing crystals on my fingers breaking it up by hand
  17. People still break weed with their hands?
  18. #19 enjoyandlive, Nov 14, 2014
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    breaking it up with your hands leaves all those trichs and kief on your fingers. so no, it isnt keeping it on the bud. grinders are the best. and the kief isnt even wasted, you can collect it up and use it in another joint or with bong hits
  19. hope youve disinfected that nickel ffs if not get it in a glass of vinegar now and stop infecting ya herb!


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