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Would you rather a friend be...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xEtceteraaa, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. monotoned, laid back, and generally un-excited or energetic and talkative
  2. [quote name='"xEtceteraaa"']monotoned, laid back, and generally un-excited or energetic and talkative[/quote]

    I'm monotonous an really laid back, but funny and am pretty easy to make friends and lots of people enjoy my company :D your making the former part sound bad
  3. peanut butter.
  4. i only hang out with bi polar people
  5. I'd rather my friend be hot, female and preferrably fondling my balls
  6. Eh, I enjoy all types of people.
  7. this thread is not going AT ALL as OP had planned...with that being said, Pringles.
  8. Weed and drinks.
  9. Excuse me people, the OP has set out the parameters for your answer, now please adhere to his wishes. loljk... sour jube jubes

    Sorry, enjoying my MFLB a little. ;)
  10. laid back way more then i am
  11. i prefer mexicans
  12. [quote name='"DriftingApart"']Delicious.[/quote]


  13. Haha you sound a lot like one of my asian friends :D he's pretty funny and fun to hang out with :hello:
  14. I am that type of friend bro.
  15. I enjoy people who are somewhere between the two. I like people who are energetic and sociable and joke around, but I also like them to be pretty laid-back.
  16. I prefer my friends to come with sponges, lube, and chicken nuggets.

  17. You are so lucky to have this, in Latvia, we have none.
  18. i would rather a friend be both, depending on the situation. if i had to pick one forever, it would be energetic.

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