Would you quit weed for a woman?

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  1. Why do non toking women always want you to quit smoking weed? It doesn't do anything negative to my life i think it helps me. I don't ignore her or anything i go to her house every damn day. GCers why must women be like this why can't i just have a woman who wants to toke with me and have crazy sex?
  2. I did once, will never do it for anyone again.
  3. Hell fucking no! I'm not going to lie, I kind of feel like once my intimacy needs are met, I'll want to smoke less pot. But I'm not the quitting type, lol. Can't imagine smoking less than once a week, and no woman is changing that! :smoke:
  4. Narrrrppppppp!!!!!
  5. If she wants to bone always, blow me whenever I want, yeah I'll give up Mary. Once that stops, Mary comes back
  6. Non-tokin' men do it to us women too y'know!
  7. i rly doubt it
  8. your a fucking schmuck if you wouldn't give up weed for a great girl you really loved.

    seriously drugs > love?

    is that what you all think?
  9. hell to the fucking no, if a girl really loved you then she would accept you for who you are and not try to change you, if you date her anyway you'll end up like all the other guys who post in this section heartbroken lol
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  10. I would give it up for the woman i love, If my missus asked me to give up right now i would lol but she doesn't care whether or not i blaze atm.
  11. Well put.
  12. only one but she smokes weed too so its all good :)
  13. an original i made, just for you. and this thread.

  14. It's not always about her trying to change you. My girl doesn't like it when I smoke but she's never forced/told me to quit. But I did recently stop because I don't like seeing her upset. When you love someone, doing away with things like smoking in your life is a small price to pay to keep a smile on her face, which gives me far more satisfaction than the 2 hour high I usually I get.
  15. If your gunna quit weed, do it for yourself, noone else.
  16. If you view it as drugs.

    I view it as a hobby that I love. Something that's been in my life for decades longer than any woman I have been with.

    I'm not going to fundamentally change who I am and what I enjoy doing just to appease someone else. If she is not happy when I'm happy, then we aren't meant to be together.
  17. You're straight up delusional if you think weed isn't a drug.

  18. Geez, I'm glad someone said it!

    On the other hand, my wife would LOVE for me to quit weed but I just can't. I can't not because I'm addicted. When I run out, I'm usually out for weeks and I don't miss it. The reason I can't is because I don't find that it affects me negatively. I smoke out of a bong or vaporizer to lessen adverse health effects, and I don't let it get in the way of my life. Hell, since I started smoking weed I went back to school, got a degree, went on to grad school and am halfway through a master's degree and applying for PhD programs in the fall.

    The point is, I get why she doesn't want me smoking, and she gets why I love to smoke, so we have an uneasy truce on the subject. The only reason she doesn't try to make me quit is because she loves me. Just like I hope she'll someday come around and let me smoke her out, she is hoping this is a phase that I'll eventually grow out of. I doubt it, but I won't rule anything out.

    The point is: I think it's reasonable for someone to hope their sig. other would give up smoking, and I think it's reasonable not to be expected to give it up. You gotta weigh your priorities. Maybe she's just holding you to a higher standard in life, and that's not necessarily a bad kinda woman to have.
  19. Mine wanted me too u stopped for about 3 months and i always complained haha she just lets me do it every so often now. Im not on a chain haha i just love her and dont want to lose her. You gotta make sacrifices if the relationship is worth it

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