Would you quit smoking weed if the right one came along?

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  1. Not just a girl/guy you're kind of interested in who won't date you unless you stop toking. I'm talking about someone who you're crazy about, and they're crazy about you. I feel like I would. As great as weed is, I only smoke a few times a week and could totally go without it (t breaks are no biggy for me at all). Plus, look at it this way: the weed is always gonna be around, the girl/guy won't be.
  2. Honestly. No I wouldn't. No matter what, I'm my own person... and one thing in this world I love is getting high.

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  3. Yes.

    Real > Not
  4. yes and I would become an alcoholic instead
  5. Fuck no if she felt the same about me then she would accept it.
  6. Besides, I don't think I could be TOO crazy about some one who doesn't smoke weed.

    I don't really hang out with people that don't smoke weed... :confused_2:
  7. get her stoned and eat her pussy, no need for change.
  8. I don't know. I hope to find a guy who is just as crazy about weed as I am. I've given it up for someone before, not sure if I'm willing to again.
  9. N motherfucking O. Had one try that on me, in combination with the whole pick her or the family thing. I went home, she went back to her ex before I had even gotten back through my own front door. If she wants me she gets all of me, even the green hit lol.:cool:
  10. No, if someone wants me they have to accept me for who I am, flaws and all.

  11. if they were really the "right one" they would like me for who I am and deal with my smoking. jeez smoking really isn't a big deal, I don't know why people can't see past it. I hate that its the smokers responsibility to stop if the other party doesn't like it. Why can't they try and meet us half way? Its not like we're pressuring them to smoke.
  12. I am a man.

    I live by my own rules.

    I will wear strut the house with only underwear when I desire.

    I will eat those frozen chicken strips when I desire.

    I will smoke weed when I desire.
  13. Well I haven't dated any girls who were against my partying, just kinda eh with it lol.
  14. Nope. I don't think I would date any girls who weren't fine with me smoking herb.
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    "I find myself trying to change you... if you
    were meant to be my lover I wouldn't have to."

    No matter what, if you enjoy what you do, if you're
    confident in who you are, then no one should judge
    that. Do what ya like. Period.
  16. no i would not
  17. She wouldnt be the right one. Not for me at least. My girl didnt like the fact that i smoke n i hid it from her for a while but then it was like i started havin to lie about so much other shit that it was pointless. I told her n now shes cool with it. She even tried it with me a few times. Plus if u smoke then u have smoker friends, r u gonna give them up for her too? or are u just gonna b there n watch them get high?
  18. I did. For her and the Air Force. She's dead, I'm out. Don't regret it. But never again.
  19. the one for me, smokes lotsa tree:smoke:

    so nah, gonna have to pass on that bullshit.

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