Would you quit smoking weed for girlfriend/wife?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MrGanjaMan805, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I’d have a talk. It would go something like this (and has in the past):
    I am who I am, just as I was who I was when you met me. Not changing now because you decide those are now the rules. There’s the door if you’re looking for someone else. Wish ya well. ✌
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  2. My wife threatened to leave when I started growing. Basically told her the same thing
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  3. Did you tell her with a knob to the mouth?
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  4. I told her i smoked before we got together, she knew I had plans to grow and was going to. If she now wanted to change her mind from what she use to say was ok that it was fine she was more then welcome to leave anytime. 3 years later she is still here...
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  5. Depends... She good at giving head and making me food? Then hell yes I’d stop. She lookin for company and sex only? Then hell no

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  6. it all depends my friend if she is a 5 or a 10. ;)
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    I’d stop for a 5 b4 a 10. Most rly hot chicks I’ve dated have been a headache and I NEEDED the herb lol. The average looking chicks have been everything but that
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  8. No, I'd only quit if I became pregnant. That's the only reason. Period.

  9. Ohh So True.
    LMAO :)

  10. Depends.
    If weed was interfering with work ethic, and responsibilities, then you would at least have to take it into consideration.

    If youre at a supposed responsible adult age, if all you do is sit around, and smoke weed, and aren't doing anything to improve your life, you might do some serious self reflection, and might be lucky that the person has alerted you that's theres more in life than smoking weed, getting high in general, chasing women around for the sake of doing it, you may be lucky the person sees enough with you, that they are willing to give you a chance to be happy with someone/something other than weed, or getting high and wasting time, and being generally irresponsible.

    On the other hand, if I had a good job ect, wasn't wasting all my money on whatever, and the person knew I liked weed before they wanted to have anything to do with me, then I would be on alert for a control freak. Especially if they drank any alcohol, ate junk food, or had any other habits that were less than perfect.

    I don't eat any artificial colors I dont drink, no artificial flavors, preservatives, white flour, and haven't since the late 1970s. As in NONE. Ive never had aspartame, or any of that shit. At 61 I run 20-50 miles a week, and can full squat 300lbs 25 times at 148lbs, run a 6 minute mile So considering weed is my only so called bad habit, they would be in a hard row to hoe if they are going to live up to really high standards. Ok give up weed, you give up all processed food ect soda. Ive had NO SODA since 1978. NONE. Not 1 sip.
    So if they want to try and fuck with me, I can fuck back really easily.
    Nobody is perfect, and if you maintain a job, and responsibilities, and they want to nit pick??
    In this case, Id tell them to fuck off. I have smoked weed for decades, and still exercise like a fanatic. Since 1978.

    But Im lucky, my wife of 18 years is Filipina, and considering I love a lot of Filipina foods ( some EEEEEEEWWWWW/Balut???? ) and she doesn't drink soda either, we eat a lot of seafood, and brown rice, veggies. She doesn't smoke weed, but doesn't mind I do, and knew it when she was still in the Philippines. She doesn't drink either. Is also Math/Biology/Chemistry Genius. She also runs Ultra Marathons. 50 milers
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  11. If your woman is griefing you over ganja then walk away. First, she is trying to manipulate and control you. Second, it's never about ganja but about something else. Third, she is to imature to be able to communicate and tell you what her fuckin problem is. Dont get with a mental 2 year old. Just fuckin dont... toxic people suck. If they ask you to give up some of your happiness, no matter what it is so that they can be happy you better nip it in the ass or walk away. It wont ever end.
  12. Not at this point in my life. Ive worked way more then anyone my age and its really taken its toll on my health and i do it to support my family and if i cant continue to use one of the few things that supplies me peace but doesnt effect the relationship i have with you then you are a fucking control freak who needs to feel special about what you can get away with on someone who loves you. I told my wife after a couple times of her throwin it in my face that shit will come to an end or alot of what i do will come to an end she doesnt go through the shit i go through and she doesnt have the rough type of career that wears you out.

    I smoke weed to keep giving 110% everyday, you take that from me and i wont give you 110 anymore. Wont have it in me

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  13. Being cannabis is my preferred medication, I would not! I recently took a yr break while changing occupations, and was a total bear for that yr. Never again

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  14. More importantly, would you quit for yourself??
  15. I would quit for an S.O. if they genuinely thought I was addicted. If they simply didn’t like it, then I wouldn’t.
  16. What do you mean by "for"? Because she told me that she disapproves, no real reason, she simply doesn't approve? To that I would say, "No". Is she couldn't tolearate smoke, I'd find a ways around it, such as a vape, or going outside. But no, I would not stop smoking weed, and I doubt I could remain married to a woman who hassled me about it because she's probably a shrew, anyway.
  17. Curious as to for how long? A week, month, 3 months? How long would it usually take to convince someone your not addicted?

    Would not your own self control and restraint not prove enough?

  18. I thought about this thread ,,, it was the worse ten seconds of my life .
  19. I’m not sure, if I’m honest. I’ve thankfully never had to do this, so far.
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  20. No. Never. I have an abundance mindset. If the woman is not following my program I replace (upgrade) her ass.

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