Would you quit smoking for 1 year to have a body like this guy?

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uu9jQo1MDk]YouTube - Josef Rakich[/ame]

  2. dont need to quit smoking in order to get a body like that
  3. Nope!!!!
  4. i feel kinda gay for watching that
  5. Are you the same guy who posted that video on another thread or are there just multiple guys obsessed with that guys body.:confused:

  6. This. Matter fact weed makes it no pain all gain :D
  7. I could just wash allll my t-shirts on those abs!
  8. Yeah the music just made it even gayer
  9. Uh, give up smoking? What does that have to do with it?

    All that takes is dedication.

    For some of you, your bong should be as ripped as he is to show your dedication to the leaf. :D

    'scuse me while I go hulk up on this bowl... :smoke:
  10. Yeah, there's no reason you can't smoke weed and be as muscular, or even more than that guy.
  11. Maybe OP is the guy in the video, and he just wants mad praise

    Oh golly gee! I'd do anything for a body like that ;)
  12. u dont need to quit smoking to work out effectivelly. Ive lost 80lbs while smoking the whole entire time. Awesome bod though. I'd hit it ;)
  13. The guy in that video doesn't look smart enough to work a computer.

  14. This.

    And it'd take less then a year if you're already in decent shape.
  15. takes way longer than one year. there a common perception that it only takes 6 months or so to get in phenominal shape. and it really takes years, depending on your height.

    ive been working out for almost 7 months and i put on 20 pounds, thats only because of my noob gains. i look nowhere close to that and im 5'8 160. he's probably around 180. realistically 10-15 pounds of muscle a year is probably accurate, and im an easy gainer
  16. That guy looks damn sexy. :yummy:

  17. Fuck no but i wouldnt mind getten at that body;)

  18. I don't consider having an amazing body "phenomenal shape" I went from being able to do 20 push ups, to being able to do a set of 100. From barely doing 1-3 pull ups to being able to do 10-15. (dead hang) in the course of 8 months, following a military program. I also went from running a little over a mile before losing my breath, to being able to run 4-8 daily. (a week break after each 2 weeks due to risk of shin splints)

    It takes less then a year if you stick hard to it, obviously you wont have as much muscle mass as this guy, but you'll easily have a six pack, and be able to dish out a lot of push ups. Or if you want show muscle then lifting weights would be for you.

    Nutrition has a lot to do with it too, but thats another story.
  19. Yeah.

    I got a headstart. I stopped smoking a week ago, started drinking yeagerbombs, and got a 1 way plane ticket to Jearsy.

    I cant wait.

    Merry Christmas.

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